Stan In & Motion Airbag for cyclists

Airbag in a backpack

When inflated In & Motions's Stan looks like a silly thing to wear while riding your bike. But when inflated you probably won't be on your bike because it only deploys only when the sensors detect the user is falling as in a crash. And it deploys very quickly in milliseconds to protect the user's spine, thorax, abdomen neck, and head.

Similar to Hovding's Invisible Helmet but instead of a collar you wear around your neck, Stan is a backpack with an airbag integrated. The bag has a 18 litre capacity and waterproof, perfect for your daily commute.

Aside from deploying an airbag to protect the user, Stan can also request for assistance if necessary when it detects an accident. They even have studies showing that the Stan Airbag protects your head better than a helmet can.

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