Swytch eBike conversion kit has a battery that looks like a smartphone

Convert almost any bike into an ebike

If you already have a bike, there's no need to buy an ebike. Simply get the Swytch and convert your regular bike into an ebike. Comes in 13 wheel sizes from 16″ to 28″ and works with both rim and disc brakes, your bike is likely to work with the kit. Now you have the power to go up that hill you've been dreading.

The battery is the size of a smartphone and placed on a holder that doubles as a connecter, a control system that also makes the motor more efficient for a smooth and quiet ride. Range is about 15 km and you can get a bigger battery that goes up to 30 km. The battery is small enough to fit in pockets that can fit a smartphone. You can put several battery packs in your backpack and go really far but that would probably be quite expensive. The small battery weighs 700g and is airplane friendly. The big battery is 1100g and is not airplane friendly.

Pedal assist is triggered via a pedal sensor by pedalling, which causes a signal to be sent to the controller to run the 250W electric motor built into the wheel. Top speed is about 20 mph as long as that doesn't exceed the legal limit for ebikes where you live.

Since the motored wheel is on the front, installing the conversion kit is pretty easy without having to deal with chains and gears. You could probably take it to a bike shop and pay them to fix it for you if you're feeling lazy. Instructions are clear enough that you're likely able to do it yourself without problems.


  • No need to get a new bike
  • Easily installation
  • Small battery pack


  • Currently there's a waiting list
  • It can get expensive especially if you accessories
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