Spire – Breathe Better Through Awareness

Why do so few of us know how to breathe properly? It all comes down to a lack of awareness. The Book, Breath in Action, explores how an increased awareness of breathing can impact positively on our health, confidence and stress levels. Spire tracks your breath and alerts you when you're not doing it right with messages like “You haven’t taken a deep breath in 30 minutes” and “Your breathing suggests you're tense. Take a deep breath.” Shaped like a pebble with a clipped attached to it, the it is one of the few fitness trackers that can improve your life almost instantly without bogging you down with numbers you don't even understand. Clipped on your waist or bra, where it moves as you breathe, the Sprire tracks your breathing patterns in real time and displays it on your smartphone. It also measures the number of steps you take and the intensity of your workouts and knows when you're sitting too long.

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