Speedboard – Two-wheeled electric skateboard

Cruise over rough surfaces

The Speedboard is a lot more hardcore than your typical electric skateboard. It has two wheels instead of four but they're big inflatable 10.3″ Kenda pneumatic tires that can easily go over gravel roads.

Also, instead of using a hub motor or a belt drive system, the Speedboard uses a rugged chain drive system that looks like it can handle a lot of abuse. The chain is made of metal, making it less likely to break than a belt-drive system.

Like a belt-drive system, the chain-drive on the Speedboard gives it a lot of torque so it has a lot of power and can climb hills easily (24 – 29% gradient) despite its weight.

The 70-gear steel sprocket on the back wheel is powered by a 4000 W electric motor, which can take you up to 30 mph. The Speedboard can actually go faster but it is limited for safety reasons. In comparison, the popular electric skateboard, the Boosted Stealth has a top speed of 24 mph.

Range is around 24 miles depending on your weight and how fast you go. However there are plans to improve the range to 34 miles with upgraded battery cells.

It's heavy

At 26 lbs, the Speedboard is heavier than a typical electric skateboard. For example, the Boosted Stealth electric skateboard weighs in at 17 lbs. The weight of the Speedboard is not too bad though considering the OneWheel XR weighs 27 lbs.

The range, power, and speed more than makes up for the weight. In fact, the weight can help with the stability of the ride. Just be sure you know how far you're going with the Speedboard so you don't have carry around a 26 lbs skateboard.

How hard is it to ride?

Because the Speedboard has two wheels instead of four, it seems like riding it is going to be hard. Like how do you balance it when it's not moving?

In the beginning, riding the Speedboard may be hard but once you get used to it, it's like riding a bike. It may look hard to ride but many people have tried it for the first time and are able to ride it without problems.

The Speedboard has speed-sensitive steering system that makes it maneuverable at low speed and stable at high speed. It has been tested up to 37 mph without speed wobbles.

Because it has big inflatable tires, you don't have to worry about pebbles that can be dangerous to conventional electric skateboards with road wheels.

  • Power – 4000 watts continuous (5.36 hp)
  • Speed – 30 mph (48 kmh)
  • Range – 16-24 miles (25-38 km) depending on weight & riding style. Can go up to 34 miles with upgraded battery
  • Hills – 24% to 29% grade, depending on weight
  • Turning Radius – 8 feet (2.4 meters)
  • Battery – 4x 99 Wh 13s1p 18650 lithium ion battery packs, 396 Wh & 100 amps total
  • Speed Controller – VESC® Open Source Project-based electronic speed controller
  • Motor – 6380 170 kV 14 pole outrunner electric motor
  • Gearing – #25H chain, 9T hardened steel pinion, 70T sprocket
  • Length – 50 inches (127 cm)
  • Weight – 26 lbs (11.8 kg)
  • Tires – Kenda 10.3″ (263 mm) diameter K671F DOT-approved pneumatic tires
  • Weight Limit – 250 lbs


  • Fast
  • Looks cool
  • Great carving ability
  • Good range
  • Powerful


  • Expensive
  • Still in the prototype stage
  • Heavy


The Speedboard looks like a good way to get from point A to point B. It has good range and goes faster than most electric skateboards. It's also stable at high speed and you don't have to worry about speed wobbles. It's definitely an interesting way to commute.

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