Hyperice Hypersphere Mini is great for travel

Why should you use the Hypersphere Mini?

Many athletes use foam rollers to release knots and for muscle relief. It's a great way to release the fascia bindings to your muscles so your muscles can function optimally.

Foam rollers are great for muscle groups like you quads, glutes, hamstrings and so on but it's too big for some parts of your body including your neck, shoulder, arch of your feet, and more. 

For parts of your body where foam rollers are too big, the Hyperice Hypersphere Mini can be effective in loosening up uncomfortable knots and release muscle tension. 

The Hypersphere Mini is a bit bigger than a lacrosse ball and vibrates at 3 different speeds to help relieve muscle pain faster. It is powered by a 10 W motor engineered to deliver maximum vibration to the body.

Percussive massagers like the HyperVolt or the Theragun can be as effective or more effective in releasing muscle tension but they cost a lot more and can be quiet noisy. Using these massage guns in the office can be quite distracting. Also for travel, the smaller Hypersphere Mini is a lot more practical to carry around.

Hypersphere vs Hypersphere Mini

The original Hypersphere is 5" in diameter while the Hypersphere Mini is 3". Because of its size, the original Hypersphere can be harder to use on some parts of the body compared to using a lacrosse ball. The Hypersphere Mini is bigger than a lacrosse ball but not by much and the size doesn't interfere as much as the original does. Both devices are covered with silicone grip texture.


  • Portable
  • Quiet
  • Releases knots and relieves muscle tension
  • Affordable
  • 2 hours continuous battery life


  • Expensive compared to lacrosse balls
  • You need to know how to roll using massage balls


Unlike percussive massagers that require a carrying case, the Hypersphere is easy to carry and convenient for traveling. It's a great alternative to foam rolling because it can reach more areas of your body to relieve muscle tension and release knots for optimal muscle function.

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