Galerdo Beker Pro- Tracking Coach and Music Player for Swimming

Tracks your swims

What you measure you can improve. The Galerdo Beker Pro is a device that tracks swimming time, speed, and distance and conveys that information to you via bone conduction and speakers.

The Beker Pro acts like a coach, telling you how you're doing as you swim in real time. This allows you to be more aware of your technique and effort as you swim so you can adjust them and helps you stay motivated for better performance.

You place the device on the back of your head either under a swimming cap or attached to your swimming goggle strap. Based on the tracking via built-in sensor, The Galerdo Beker Pro calculates your performance by taking into account head movement, breath frequencies, speed, stroke frequencies, number of turns, start and end time, etc.

When you're done swimming, you can sync the device to your iOS or Android smartphone and see the following data:

  • Total swimming distance & time 
  • Total kilocalories burned 
  • Number of laps 
  • Your swimming style 
  • Average stroke length 
  • Average stroke rate 
  • The number of strokes 
  • Average speed (SWOLF)

The company claims the data is 99% accurate if you swim either freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, or butterfly. When you stop swimming, the device will stop tracking. It will automatically resume tracking when you resume swimming.

Listen to music while you swim

Aside from hearing about your performance while you swim, the Beker Pro also allows you listen to music.

However, the device is not connected to your smartphone while you swim. Instead, it has built-in 8GB memory for music you can upload via a PC or Mac using a USB cable.

The Galerdo Beker Pro has bluetooth but it is only used for syncing data to your smartphone and for updating the firmware. This is a good thing if you're worried about bluetooth affecting your health, especially when it is place on the back of your head.

The built-in battery on the Beker Pro last for 4-6 hours depending on the volume you set.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Tracks your swim automatically
  • Provides some useful data
  • Can help you stay motivated
  • Provides real time feedback
  • Built-in memory for music


  • Not recommended for use in sea water or hot spring
  • Counts turns as a lap instead of actually measuring distance
  • Tracking function only works in pools that are 17m – 50m in length
  • Tracking function only works when the pool is square or rectangle shaped
  • Flimsy construction and poor battery according to some users.


Tracking your swim can help with your performance. It's especially useful to be able to hear feedback in real time for motivation. Listening to the right type of music can also help you swim faster and longer. They say because the Beker Pro uses head movement to detect swimming strokes, it is more accurate than swim trackers you wear on your wrist.

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