Sitpack Campster 2: Sit Back, Relax, and Explore

Compact, comfortable, versatile, durable, portable

Ah, the Sitpack Campster 2. It's a beautiful thing to see innovation meet the outdoors. If you're like me and have an insatiable appetite for adventure, you know that comfort and convenience are essential. And let me tell you, this chair delivers on both fronts.

The Campster 2 is a game-changer, no doubt about it. Its lightweight, compact design makes it a breeze to transport, allowing you to focus on more important things – like finding the perfect spot to set up camp. The fact that it's so easy to assemble is just icing on the cake.

What really stands out to me is the attention to detail in the design. The slight recline of the seat makes it the perfect perch for a bit of relaxation while still being functional when you need to lean forward. The optional seat warmers are a fantastic touch, especially for those chilly evenings under the stars. And the mesh backrest is a lifesaver on those hot summer days.

The versatility of the Campster 2 is also remarkable. It's not just for campers or hikers; it can be a trusty companion for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. From tailgating to beach trips, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

The durability of this chair is impressive as well. With materials like aircraft aluminum and steel springs, you can trust that it's built to last, even with frequent use in the great outdoors. The tested weight capacity of 660 lbs is a testament to its strength.

And finally, the price. At just $69 for Kickstarter backers, it's an incredible value. When you consider the craftsmanship, design, and functionality of the Sitpack Campster 2, it's clear that this chair is worth every penny.

In conclusion, the Campster 2 is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. It's the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and durability, making it the ultimate companion for all your adventures. So go ahead, take a seat and enjoy the view – you've earned it.


  1. Lightweight and compact: The Campster 2 is designed to be easily portable, with a weight of just 3.23 lbs and the ability to fold down to the size of a 1.5-liter bottle. This makes it convenient for various outdoor activities.
  2. Easy setup: The grab-n-pull system allows for a simple and quick setup in just 5 seconds, making it user-friendly and hassle-free.
  3. Comfortable design: The chair's slightly reclined seat and mesh backrest provide a comfortable sitting experience, even for extended periods.
  4. Versatility: The Campster 2 is suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities, from camping and hiking to tailgating and beach trips.
  5. Durability: The use of high-quality materials like aircraft aluminum, steel springs, and Oxford 600D Ripstop nylon ensures the chair's longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
  6. Optional add-ons: The availability of seat warmers and various covers caters to different weather conditions and user preferences, increasing the chair's overall appeal.
  7. Attractive price: With a Kickstarter price of $69, the Campster 2 offers excellent value for money, considering its features and quality.


  1. Seating height: With a seating height of 12 inches, some users might find it too low, especially for those with mobility issues or taller individuals.
  2. Weight capacity: Although the chair has been tested to withstand up to 660 lbs, the recommended weight capacity is 300 lbs, which may limit its suitability for larger individuals.
  3. Limited color options: Some users may prefer a wider range of color choices to match their personal style or other camping gear.
  4. Availability: As a Kickstarter project, the availability of the Campster 2 may be limited initially, and delivery timelines could be subject to delays or unforeseen issues.
  5. Competition: There are other portable chairs available on the market that may offer similar features at different price points, providing potential alternatives for consumers to consider.
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