Silver Fox Atom Wrench: A Pocket-Sized Marvel for Makers and Menders

Titanium, artistic, compact, innovative, functional

From the rugged highlands of Scotland, where the air is as fresh and invigorating as the misty mountain breeze, comes an object so strikingly elegant, you'd hardly believe it’s a tool for tightening bolts. Allow me to introduce you to the Atom Wrench, a creation of the clever folks at Silver Fox. It's the wrench for the makers and menders, the creators and the tinkerers. It's a tool, yes, but one that has transcended its utilitarian purpose and become something akin to art.

Picture a cold morning in a workshop. The fog outside the window tells you that the highlands are alive, and you reach into your pocket for the Atom Wrench. This tiny, vintage-inspired wonder weighs just 2.4 ounces and measures a neat 2.8 x 1 x 0.4 inches, no bigger than a Bic lighter or a Victorinox Recruit Swiss Army Knife. It's crafted entirely from titanium, that featherlight material that also manages to convey an air of permanence.

What really sets the Atom apart is its attention to detail. This isn't just a wrench; it's a sculpture. The threaded adjuster is ingeniously tucked away in the handle, ensuring there's no awkward jutting to snag on fabric or poke at your leg. The adjustment is as smooth as silk, with a knurled knob that you spin to set the jaws to the desired width. That bronze dial contrasts magnificently against the all-titanium body, like a lone spark in a dark night. Oh, and let's not forget the leather strap. A fine touch.

Silver Fox, in their five years of existence, has built tools that resonate with personality and finesse. They aren’t just churning out pieces of metal; they're creating companions for those who find joy in making and fixing things. From pry bars to pocket axes, their collection might be small but is rich in creativity and craftsmanship.

The Atom Wrench is their first attempt at crafting a wrench, and it's a triumph. It's as timeless as it is novel. It's more than just an accessory; it's a statement about who you are, about your appreciation for quality and aesthetic. And should this beautiful piece of machinery meet an untimely end, both titanium and brass are recyclable, a nod from Silver Fox to the conscientious user.

The wrench came to life after a successful Kickstarter campaign and will soon be up for pre-order, promising to be a new classic in the pockets of artisans and enthusiasts.

As for my opinion, it's hard not to be drawn to the Atom Wrench. It's not just a tool; it's a conversation starter, a blend of function and form that makes you appreciate the craftsmanship that went into its creation. If you're the type who finds joy in well-made things, you'd do well to keep an eye on Silver Fox. In a world filled with disposable conveniences, the Atom Wrench stands out as a piece that honors the beauty in everyday objects. It's a reminder that even the most ordinary things can be extraordinary if crafted with love and care.


  1. Aesthetic Appeal: More than a utilitarian tool, it's designed with an artistic flair, making it visually pleasing.
  2. Lightweight and Compact: Weighing just 2.4 ounces and measuring 2.8 x 1 x 0.4 inches, it's perfect for carrying in pockets.
  3. Quality Materials: Crafted from durable titanium and recyclable brass, it's designed to last.
  4. Innovative Design: The threaded adjuster integrated into the handlebar prevents snags and pokes.
  5. Functionality: Simple to use with an adjustable jaw size, suitable for various small nuts and bolts.
  6. Eco-Friendly: With recyclable materials, it's a conscientious choice for the environmentally minded.


  1. Limited Utility: Its compact size may limit its use to small tasks, not suitable for heavy-duty work.
  2. Availability: As a new product from a small company, availability might be limited initially.
  3. Price Point: The expected price around £60 may be considered high for a pocket wrench, potentially limiting its appeal to a niche market.
  4. No Track Record: Being the company's first wrench, there's no established reputation for this specific type of tool.

The Silver Fox Atom Wrench is a unique blend of function and form, bringing together practicality and artistry in a compact package. While its design and aesthetics may be particularly appealing to those with an eye for craftsmanship, its limited size and higher price point might not suit everyone's needs and budget.


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