Shoei GT-Air 3: Revolution in Riding Comfort and Safety

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The open road has a way of speaking to you. It calls out, beckoning you to discover what's around the next bend. For those journeys, the GT-Air 3 emerges as the partner you never knew you needed.

When it comes to the elegance of design, this helmet captures the essence of sophistication, reminding me of that timeless little bistro hidden in the heart of Paris – unassuming, yet world-class. Its aerodynamics provide a comfortable ride, simultaneously reducing noise. An incorporated spoiler adds an edge of heightened stability. And much like that perfect glass of wine, the seamless integration of the exclusive Sena SRL 3 communication system ensures that your experience remains uncompromised.

Visor features are something many overlook, but not here. The CNS-1C visor with its central lock system makes opening and closing a breeze, just like flipping the page of a riveting novel. Say goodbye to unwanted elements, thanks to its upgraded fit and seal. The reinforced window beading offers durability, ensuring longevity. And for those foggy days, akin to an early morning in San Francisco, the included Pinlock system provides a fog-free vision, allowing you to soak in every detail.

Let’s talk about the sun visor. The GT-Air 3 is equipped with the QSV-2 sun visor, ensuring optimal visibility whether you're riding at sunrise or sunset. Its operation is smooth, with a built-in stopper function that keeps it secure, similar to the reassuring click of a door in a luxury hotel room.

The interior speaks volumes about comfort. Riders know the significance of customization and the GT-Air 3 delivers. Its fully removable lining is not only convenient for cleaning but coupled with its high absorption, quick-drying fabric, promises an ever-comfortable ride. And for that bespoke touch, you have the option to choose center pads and cheek pads of varying thicknesses.

Ventilation is another facet where the GT-Air 3 shines. Developed in Shoei's advanced wind tunnel facility, its system promises optimal airflow. The top air outlet provides maximum flow velocity, a testament to its design prowess, while the lower air intake is engineered for easy operation, even when you're gloved up.

What truly stands out for me, however, is the seamless integration of communication. With the GT-Air 3, riders can effortlessly sync their helmets with the new Sena SRL 3 Mesh communication system. The innovative compact design blends into the helmet shell, allowing for a sleek and connected ride.

Safety, as we know, should never be a compromise. With its EC22.06 certification, this helmet holds its ground. Crafted with multiple layers of sturdy glass and organic fibre, the shell's strength is commendable. Add to that a multi-piece EPS liner, and you have a helmet that’s ready to absorb impacts, ensuring peace of mind. The stainless steel micro-ratchet chin strap is a touch of genius, offering a safe open design.

With a price tag starting at £479.99, the GT-Air 3 seems to promise a blend of luxury, functionality, and safety. Riding is not just about the destination; it's about the journey. And with this helmet, it seems the journey just got a lot more intriguing. Safe travels!


  1. Safety Features: With EC22.06 certification, the helmet ensures top-notch safety standards. The multi-layer shell and multi-piece EPS liner bolster its protection capabilities.
  2. Sophisticated Design: The helmet boasts a timeless and elegant design, coupled with enhanced aerodynamics, offering both aesthetics and performance.
  3. State-of-the-Art Visor: The CNS-1C visor with central lock ensures smooth operation, while the Pinlock system guarantees a fog-free vision.
  4. Integrated Communication: The helmet has a compact design to accommodate the Sena SRL 3 communication system, ensuring riders remain connected without any hitches.
  5. Customisable Comfort: The fully removable lining and options for different padding thicknesses allow riders to tailor the fit to their liking.
  6. Optimal Ventilation: Developed in Shoei's cutting-edge facility, the ventilation system ensures efficient airflow, keeping riders comfortable throughout their journey.
  7. Sun Visor Excellence: Equipped with the QSV-2 sun visor, it adjusts to varying lighting conditions, enhancing visibility and safety.
  8. Seamless Integration: The design allows for the effortless addition and syncing of communication systems, keeping the look sleek and unobtrusive.


  1. Price: Starting at £479.99, it might be on the pricier side for some riders, especially those on a budget.
  2. Weight and Bulk: Full-face helmets, especially those loaded with features, can sometimes be heavier and bulkier, which might be cumbersome for some riders during extended use.
  3. Complexity: With all the advanced features, there might be a steeper learning curve for riders unfamiliar with such technology, especially regarding the communication system integration.
  4. Maintenance: While the removable lining is a plus, the multiple features and components could require meticulous care and maintenance over time.

From £479.99

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