MTT 420RR: Unleash Turbine-Powered Thrills on Two Wheels

Turbine-powered, exclusive, thrilling, revolutionary, unparalleled

The MTT 420RR is not just a motorcycle – it’s a symphony of engineering prowess, a dance of madness and innovation. With its origins tracing back to the era of the Y2K, MTT set the stage for creating marvels that are as outlandish as they are ground-breaking. The Y2K Superbike, a powerful beast in its own right, with 320 horsepower, a heart-stopping top speed of 227mph, and the distinction of being the world’s most expensive production motorcycle, was a sensation. However, in the world of technological innovation, resting on one’s laurels is never an option.

Enter the MTT 420RR.

The 420 in its name isn't some random number but a testament to its mind-bending 420 horsepower, while RR stands for “Race Ready.” This isn’t your Sunday afternoon cruiser; it’s a track-only machine that feels like it's been birthed straight from the fantasies of adrenaline junkies. The heart of this monster is a Rolls Royce Allison – 250-C20 Series gas turbine engine. Picture this engine powering a Rolls Royce car – impressive, right? Now imagine that same power compressed into the frame of an aluminum alloy, carbon fiber-infused motorcycle. To say it's insane would be an understatement.

For the uninitiated, MTT, or Marine Turbine Technologies, is not your regular motorcycle company. They have their fingers in a plethora of pies, from power generation and water transfer equipment to boats and planes. Their expertise lies in repackaging gas turbine engines for various unique applications. In essence, the 420RR is a physical embodiment of their daredevil ethos.

Aesthetically, the 420RR doesn't try to fit into any conventional mold. No two bikes are the same. Customers have the liberty to customize colors, graphics, and other parts of the bike. The cherry on top? MTT has extended this model to a trike version for those who crave that extra touch of stability without compromising on the thrill.

Riding the 420RR would feel less like cruising on a bike and more like straddling a fighter jet. The roar (or shall we say the jet-like wind noise) when you open up the throttle, combined with the sheer acceleration, is unparalleled in the world of two-wheelers. But, let’s be clear here – the 420RR is not for the faint-hearted or for a trip to your local grocery store. With a riding position that demands commitment, it’s built for spaces where it can be unleashed without restraint, like the Bonneville Salt Flats or a sprawling drag strip.

If numbers are your thing, this machine, with its theoretical top speed of 273mph, is aptly described by MTT as “Faster Than You Will Ever Dare To Go.” The price tag, hovering around a cool quarter-million dollars, ensures its exclusivity. For the aficionados with deep pockets, this isn't just a purchase but an experience, an adventure, a statement.

So, for those who are always on the lookout for the ultimate, the unprecedented, the most of “everything” in the world of motorcycles – the MTT 420RR is your siren call. Embrace it if you dare.


  1. Unparalleled Power: With a heart-pounding 420 horsepower generated from a Rolls Royce Allison – 250-C20 Series gas turbine engine, the 420RR stands in a league of its own.
  2. Unique Aesthetic: Offering extensive customization options from colors, graphics to other bike parts, ensuring that no two 420RRs are alike. This gives owners a unique identity and sets them apart.
  3. Track-Ready Design: As the “RR” suggests, it's “Race Ready.” Built for performance and speed, it is tailored for the track environment.
  4. Engineering Marvel: Marine Turbine Technologies is known for its expertise in repackaging gas turbine engines for various applications. The 420RR is a testament to their engineering prowess.
  5. Exclusive Club: Given its hefty price tag and the uniqueness of each unit, owners join an exclusive group of motorcycle enthusiasts.
  6. Variants Availability: MTT offers a three-wheeled trike version of the 420RR, catering to those who seek more stability without compromising on the thrill.


  1. Hefty Price Tag: With a price starting around $250,000, it is a significant investment and out of reach for many motorcycle enthusiasts.
  2. Impractical for Daily Use: Given its raw power and design, it's not a motorcycle you'd take for daily errands or city commutes.
  3. Specialized Maintenance: The turbine engine and specialized parts might require unique care and potentially expensive upkeep.
  4. Fuel Consumption: Turbine engines are not known for their fuel efficiency. The 420RR might have higher fuel consumption compared to traditional motorcycles.
  5. Limited Availability: Being built to order with a long lead time (6-8 months) and a hefty upfront deposit can be deterrents for potential buyers.
  6. Overwhelming Power: Its unmatched power and speed might not be suitable for inexperienced riders, leading to potential safety concerns.


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