Shirogorov F3 Aquatic: Immerse in the Power of Vanax 37 Super Steel and TechnoCarbo Scales

Intricate, high-performance aquatic-themed EDC

In the grand landscape of design and craftsmanship, occasionally we stumble across a masterpiece that manages to stir the soul, and evokes a sense of awe. The Shirogorov F3 Aquatic – Special Edition, my friends, is a sight to behold, a marvel of precise engineering and artistry. It's not just a tool, it's an embodiment of its creators' passion and meticulous attention to detail.

The blade of this fine instrument is fashioned from Vanax 37, a super steel renowned for its unbeatable corrosion resistance, edge retention, and toughness. It carries an unique stonewashed pattern and an extremely thin cutting geometry, promising a stellar performance as a high end Everyday Carry (EDC) tool. At 3.75 inches, it's the perfect companion for your ventures.

What really makes this blade unique though is its aesthetic appeal. The ‘Deep Sea' TechnoCarbo handle scales are micro milled and 3D contoured, mimicking the gentle undulations of the ocean. The handle is graced with a special edition bead, a stylised representation of waves, signifying the aquatic theme. Adorned with a bear head, a symbol of strength and courage, and the iconic Shirogorov pivot screw slit, the bead is an artifact in its own right.

The F3 Aquatic employs the Shirogorov Captive Pivot System (CPS), a hassle-free innovation for maintenance, hidden discreetly beneath the eye-catching aesthetics. This baby runs on MRBS (Multi Row Bearings System), ensuring a smooth and indulgent action. Coupled with the excellent access to the chamfered lockbar, it will make your thumb feel as comfortable as in a pair of well-worn gloves, even during the most extended flipping sessions.

No detail has been left unattended in the design of this splendid piece. The Aquatic features anodized Titanium backspacer that integrates a cleverly hidden lanyard slot and a tip protector. It also has a matching 3D machined Titanium pocket clip with a hidden screw, reinforcing the clean aesthetic.

Light as a feather, weighing in at only 5.0 ounces, it carries internal pockets for weight reduction, ensuring its practicality isn't compromised by its visual appeal. It's not just a knife, but a fine orchestra of design and functionality that carries the spirit of the sea. This creation from Shirogorov is a testament to the synergy of form and function. For those in search of an EDC tool that serves as an extension of their style and personality, the F3 Aquatic isn't just a choice, it's the only choice.


  1. Superior Material: The F3 Aquatic features a Vanax 37 blade, an extraordinary super steel known for its corrosion resistance, edge retention, and toughness. It guarantees durability and long-term use.
  2. Innovative Design: This knife's aesthetic appeal is remarkable. It includes micro milled and 3D contoured ‘Deep Sea' TechnoCarbo handle scales, and a special edition bead depicting waves and the iconic Shirogorov bear head, capturing the aquatic theme perfectly.
  3. Advanced Mechanisms: The Shirogorov Captive Pivot System (CPS) and Multi Row Bearings System (MRBS) ensure a smooth and comfortable action, adding to the ease of use and maintenance.
  4. Thoughtful Extras: Hidden lanyard slot, a tip protector in the anodized backspacer, and a pocket clip with hidden screw all contribute to a clean and practical design.
  5. Lightweight: With internal pockets for weight reduction, the knife weighs only 5.0 ounces, making it portable and easy to carry around.


  1. High Price Point: At $2654, the F3 Aquatic is a significant investment. This price might be a deterrent for those not willing to spend as much on an EDC tool.
  2. Special Edition: Being a special edition, it may be challenging to find replacements or parts for maintenance and repair.
  3. Design Specificity: While the aquatic theme is stunning, it might not appeal to everyone's taste. Those looking for a more classic or understated design might find the F3 Aquatic too unique for their liking.
  4. Maintenance Complexity: Despite the CPS system designed for hassle-free maintenance, the intricate design and high-end materials might still require a level of upkeep and careful handling that may not suit all users.
  5. Cost of Ownership: Beyond the initial purchase price, the cost of maintaining, servicing, or repairing such a high-end tool may also be high.


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