Infinity Seat – Ultra-Comfortable Saddle

Lets face it, most bike seats are not very comfortable and some may even cause problems to certain male parts. If you spend a lot of time on the bike you might want to invest in a comfortable bike seat like the Infinity Seat. Developed by chiropractic practitioner and triathlete, Dr Vincent Marcel, the Infinity Seat is claimed to be the first bicycle saddle “designed to minimize contact pressure and redistribute body weight for increased performance and comfort.” Sitting down on the Infinity Seat, your sit bones (Ischial Tuberosity) and pubic bones are suspended while the fleshier parts of your bottom are in contact with the saddle. Traditional bike saddles center all of the rider’s weight onto the sit bones  and pubic bones causing pinching and discomfort, decreasing performance and endurance. The Infinity Seat requires no break-in period, it fits everyone, and it's incredibly comfortable. It's destined to be into production soon thanks to a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

$145 during its kickstarter campaign
Starting $297 at the

This is the newer version of the Infinity Seat
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