Schott 613 ‘One Star’ Perfecto®: The Quintessential American Biker Jacket

Iconic American heavyweight leather jacket

Ah, the essence of rebellious Americana… The scent of the open road, the touch of wind-blown grit, the sound of engines growling like loyal beasts… And at the center of it all, there it is: the Schott 613 ‘One Star’ – a badge of honor, a symbol of counter-culture, the quintessential emblem of raw, unapologetic freedom.

What's it made of, you ask? Only the toughest, heavyweight steerhide leather, hand cut and hailing from U.S. soil. The very hide that cowboys might have coveted, now a second skin for those in the thrall of the open road. It's as durable as it is unmistakably American, a perfect blend of form and function.

The style harkens back to a time when cool was defined by Brando's mien in “The Wild One,” capturing the audacity of youth and the allure of danger. An asymmetrical front zipper adds a touch of rogue charm, while a classic three-pocket design keeps essentials close to hand, be it a wallet, keys, or maybe an old, lucky coin.

This jacket is far more than a weather barrier; it's a piece of wearable history. The iconic snap down lapels, shoulder epaulets crowned with a solitary star, and a functional coin flap pocket are all throwbacks to a time when the world was a little less tame. A time when this jacket, retailing at a princely $50, became a symbol of nonconformity – saved up for penny by penny by those restless souls yearning for the open road.

The robustness of this jacket, the Schott 613, is not just a promise – it's a tradition. Just as those old leather medicine balls were built to last, this jacket follows suit. Constructed with painstaking attention to detail, a passionate commitment to quality, and that age-old American hands-on craft. You'll feel it, the first time you pull on that heavyweight steerhide, the legacy of more than a hundred years woven into its very fabric.

So, who's it for? It's for the rebels and the road warriors, the speed junkies, and the wanderers. It's for those who live by their own rules, unbound by the conventions of society, undeterred by the unknown. It's for the individuals who crave authenticity, those who appreciate the unrivaled satisfaction of quality, tradition, and a damn good ride.

The Schott 613 ‘One Star’… It's not just a jacket – it's an emblem of a lifestyle, a symbol of freedom, and, in a world often preoccupied with the novel and the new, a steadfast testament to the enduring appeal of classic design and timeless style. Wear it well, wear it often. You're not just donning a jacket, you're putting on a piece of history.


  1. Quality Material and Construction: The jacket is made from heavyweight U.S. sourced, chrome-tanned, drum-dyed steerhide leather. Its robust construction ensures longevity.
  2. Iconic Design: This jacket embodies the classic 1950s biker style with an asymmetrical front zipper, snap down lapels, and shoulder epaulets with the classic one star.
  3. Attention to Detail: The jacket includes functional features such as traditional zippered sleeve cuffs, an attached half belt with a nickel-plated square buckle, and three outside zippered pockets plus a small functional coin flap pocket.
  4. Comfort and Fit: Despite its tough exterior, the jacket offers comfort with its bi-swing back panels and underarm footballs for unrestricted movement. It's designed to conform to your body over time.
  5. Weather Resistance: The leather is water resistant and the jacket features an insulated nylon quilted lining, providing a degree of warmth and protection from the elements.
  6. Heritage Brand: Schott has been making quality leather jackets for over 100 years, so you're buying a piece of tried and true American history.


  1. Price: At $870, the Schott 613 ‘One Star’ is certainly an investment. However, considering the jacket's quality and heritage, many might see this as fair value.
  2. Break-in Period: The jacket may feel stiff and somewhat uncomfortable initially. It requires a commitment to wear it often and break it in to make it truly your own.
  3. Weight: Given that it's a heavyweight leather jacket, it may not be suitable for those looking for a lightweight or soft leather option.
  4. Fit: It's designed to fit tighter than most jackets for that classic bold and streamlined look, which might not be everyone's cup of tea. The fit may require customers to size up.
  5. Limited Versatility: The distinct biker style may not be versatile enough for all occasions or match everyone's personal style.
  6. Care Requirements: Although it doesn't require any treatments or conditioners, the jacket would still require regular care to maintain its look and feel. Leather is a natural material and may degrade over time if not cared for properly.


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