Grüezi Biopod DownWool Extreme Light: The Ultimate Summer Sleeping Bag for Trekkers

Light, Compact, Warm, Comfortable, Innovative

Sometimes the greatest joys in life come from stripping things back to the simplest essentials, experiencing the world as it is, raw and unfettered. This concept isn't lost on the creators of the Grüezi Biopod Downwool Extreme Light. It's not just a sleeping bag; it's a vehicle that enables the freedom of outdoor explorations.

Its unique DownWool insulation, a fusion of 70% down and 30% wool, proves to be the game-changer. High-quality down provides unmatched insulation, keeping you cosy on those chilly nights under the stars, while the wool cleverly regulates the temperature, absorbing moisture to maintain a dry, comfortable sleeping environment. It's a nod to the brilliance of nature, borrowing the natural design of a bird's plumage and a sheep's fleece to keep us comfortable in the wild.

Comfort is at the forefront of this sleeping bag's design. With an adjustable hood that adapts to the shape of your head and a two-way zip that prevents heat loss, it's clear that the Biopod is created for the real-world traveller. It's about the attention to small details, like the white zip that is easily findable in the dark, and the innovative foot ventilation system for those warmer nights, which adds to its practicality.

Three different sizes, each tailored to varying body heights, maintain the comfort quotient. Regardless of your size, this sleeping bag promises to be your cozy cocoon in the wild.

And when it comes to convenience and mobility, the Grüezi Biopod shines. Its feather-light weight (from 450g) and its compact pack size make it ideal for treks, biking, and camping. Even if you're on the Way of St. James, your travel buddy here won't be a burden.

Beyond just the practicalities, there's something more profound about this sleeping bag. It embodies a certain respect for nature, reflected in the ethical sourcing of its down, certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS), and the PFC-free, environmentally-friendly German BIONIC-FINISH® ECO impregnation system. It's a product that allows you to be out there in the wild while being conscious of your impact.

But don't let the lightweight and ethical credentials fool you into thinking it's a fragile being. With outer and inner materials crafted from breathable, skin-friendly nylon and the ultra-light 20 denier 380T nylon, this bag is built to last.

The Biopod Downwool Extreme Light isn't just a sleeping bag; it's an ally for those who crave the freedom of the outdoors. It's designed with the adventurer in mind, merging the best of nature's insulating techniques with human ingenuity. While it carries a significant price tag, the features offered, coupled with the commitment to sustainability and animal welfare, make it an investment worth considering for any serious outdoors enthusiast.

In a world that's always urging us to move faster, the Grüezi Biopod Downwool Extreme Light is an invitation to slow down, to spend nights under vast starlit skies, and to wake with the dawn, fully rested and ready to explore what's over the next horizon.


  1. Innovative Insulation: The Biopod DownWool Extreme Light uses a unique blend of 70% down and 30% wool, combining the excellent insulation properties of down with the moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating abilities of wool. This ensures a comfortable, warm sleep in various climates.
  2. Size Variety: The availability in three sizes caters to individuals of different heights, ensuring a better fit and optimal heat retention.
  3. Lightweight and Compact: With weights starting from 450g and compact sizes when compressed, these sleeping bags are great for minimalist travellers and those who prioritize lightness and space-saving.
  4. Comfort Features: Design elements like the adjustable hood, two-way zip, and foot ventilation system add to the overall comfort and practicality of the sleeping bag.
  5. Ethical and Eco-Friendly: The down used is RDS-certified, meaning it is responsibly sourced, and the sleeping bag uses environmentally-friendly water-repellent treatments, demonstrating the brand's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.
  6. Durable and High Quality: Made with breathable, water-repellent, and skin-friendly materials, these sleeping bags promise durability and longevity.


  1. Price: Ranging from €249.99 to €269.99, these sleeping bags are quite expensive compared to many other options on the market. The cost might not be justifiable for casual campers or those on a budget.
  2. Not Suitable for Very Cold Temperatures: Despite the excellent insulation properties, the comfort temperature rating starts at 12°C (53°F). This means that these sleeping bags might not be the best choice for very cold climates or winter camping.
  3. Limited Insulation When Wet: Even though the wool content helps keep the down drier by absorbing moisture, down still tends to lose its insulating abilities when wet. This could be a problem in damp or humid environments.
  4. Washing: Though it's machine washable, special care might be needed to maintain the loft and insulating properties of the down and wool blend. This might be inconvenient for some users, especially on longer trips.

From €249.99

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