Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: The Revival of the Spinning Bezel and New Heights in Sleep Tracking

Smartwatch evolution with nostalgic touches

Well, well, well, what do we have here? I must say, dear reader, it appears the folks at Samsung have decided to revive an old fan favorite in the Galaxy Watch 6, just when we thought they were becoming predictable. You see, the spinning bezel, reminiscent of a classic wristwatch, has been absent for a while now, leaving a noticeable void. But now, in this latest incarnation, it has triumphantly returned.

Looking at the Watch 6 and its slightly more glamorous sibling, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, you can see the improvements. The new models have slimmer, cleaner designs, making them more comfortable to wear, and more pleasing to the eye. But don't let their slim figures fool you, these watches are brawnier than they appear. Their displays have been amped up by 20%, which should please those with a penchant for larger, clearer displays. The Classic has managed to maintain its physical spinner, albeit in a more petite form. It's like a rebirth of the fidget spinner, for your wrist.

And speaking of rebirth, the Watch 6 series' display brightness has been improved dramatically, reaching up to 2,000 nits this year. Now, whether you find yourself squinting in the glare of a high noon sun or fighting off the oppressive darkness of a late-night run, the Always On Display is your beacon, adjustable to your whim and necessity.

As you would expect, the inside of these beauties is just as impressive as the outside. Faster processors and bigger batteries mean more performance and less time tethered to a charger. A quick 8-minute “fast charge” can net you eight hours of juice. It's a boon for the busy bees who can't afford to wait around, or for those of us who want to track sleep patterns without the worry of the watch dying in the middle of the night.

And speaking of sleep, Samsung seems to have made significant strides in this department with the Galaxy Watch 6. The watch promises to offer insights on Sleep Score Factors, an intriguing feature which might just give a whole new meaning to “getting a good night's sleep.” They've even incorporated “Sleep Animal Symbols” to represent your sleep style. Quite the playful addition, don't you think?

In terms of fitness tracking, the Galaxy Watch 6 now offers features like the new Samsung Wallet app, personalized Heart Rate Zone calibration, irregular heart rhythm notifications, and even a temperature sensor to determine stages of the menstrual or ovulation cycle. The watch now detects patterns that might indicate atrial fibrillation and prompts you to run an electrocardiogram test – a handy feature indeed.

Samsung's latest offering also opens the door for third-party applications, enhancing its versatility and appeal. One such example is the Thermo Check app that gauges water temperature – perfect for those of us who like to know what we're getting into before we take the plunge.

Despite these laudable updates and changes, I believe a final verdict on the Galaxy Watch 6 should only be passed once the full spectrum of its capabilities has been explored. Nevertheless, if you're itching to strap on a new Android smartwatch, pre-orders are already available starting at $300 for the Watch 6 and $400 for the Watch 6 Classic.

At first glance, these watches seem to have struck a balance between the aesthetics of yesteryears and the functionality of today's modern world, bringing together the best of both worlds. But like anything else in life, only time will truly tell if the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 lives up to the hype. Stay tuned, folks.


  1. Returning Spinning Bezel: This user-favorite feature, long absent, has made a return in both Watch 6 models. The physical spinner allows for tactile navigation, adding to the user experience.
  2. Improved Design: The slimmed-down case and larger screen create a sleeker appearance without compromising the display size. This shows thoughtful design improvement.
  3. Enhanced Display: The Watch 6 series boasts a display that's 20% larger and significantly brighter, improving visibility and usability in varying lighting conditions.
  4. Better Performance and Battery: With updated processors and larger batteries, the Galaxy Watch 6 offers better performance and battery life. A quick 8-minute charge can provide up to eight hours of use, which is a significant advantage.
  5. Advanced Sleep Tracking: Samsung has invested in detailed sleep analysis tools, giving users deeper insights into their sleep patterns, which can potentially improve health and wellbeing.
  6. Fitness and Health Features: The watch includes a range of new features such as personalized heart rate zone calibration, irregular heart rhythm notifications, and temperature tracking, making it an advanced fitness companion.
  7. Support for Third-Party Apps: Samsung has opened the door for third-party applications to create different uses for the watch's features, enhancing its versatility.


  1. Price: The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and the Watch 6 Classic are priced starting at $300 and $400, respectively. This could be a barrier for some potential buyers looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch.
  2. New Features Require Extended Use: Some features, like the new sleep-related insights, require at least seven days of continuous wear to provide data. This might be inconvenient for users who don't wear their watch around the clock.
  3. Strap Adjustment Mechanism: The new “one-click” mechanism for some bands, intended to simplify the swapping process, might take a bit of time to get used to.
  4. Limited Testing of New Features: As of the time of the announcement, many of the new features, such as fitness updates and the Samsung Wallet app, haven't been extensively tested in real-world settings, which leaves some uncertainty about their effectiveness.

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