Salt. X Radford RS-500: Racing Icons Reborn in Luxury Eyewear

Automotive Heritage Meets Eyewear Innovation

Imagine, if you will, the open road beckoning you, the growl of a precision-tuned engine in your ears, the wind teasing your hair. Then imagine, resting on your face, a pair of eyewear that is more than just a fashion statement, more than a simple shield against the sun.

The SALT. X RADFORD RS-500 – a mere name doesn't do it justice. These shades, cast in a slick Black Sand/Antique Silver finish, are a fusion of the classic and the futuristic. They're priced at a handsome $750, which, while not pocket change, is a fair trade for a glimpse into the world of luxury, of high-speed, high-stakes racing.

In every facet of the RS-500, you'll find a nod to the giants of racing history. It brings to mind legends like Paul Newman, his piercing blue eyes shielded by his signature teardrop shades at Le Mans '79, and Steve McQueen, never without his own custom frames. The RS-500 is not just a sunglass. It's a tribute to the titans who've roared down the racetrack before us.

Every detail in these sunglasses screams quality. The aerospace-grade Japanese Titanium, the exquisite precision of the custom titanium automotive-inspired side hood and front grill, the unique, organic SALT. pattern. This is the very apex of eyewear craftsmanship, fashioned in a way that honors the intersection of automotive and eyewear heritage.

But this isn't just about style, it's about performance too. The Polarized optical grade CR-39 lenses, enhanced by anti-reflective, hydrophobic, and oleophobic coatings, ensure absolute clarity under any condition. If you're behind the wheel of a custom, one-of-a-kind Radford machine, these sunglasses won't just complement your look, they'll enhance your driving experience.

The color options, meticulously matched to Radford's Type 62-2 cars, connect you to the classic hues of yesteryear's racing machines. The limited edition John Player Special (JPS) and Gold Leaf (GL) are my personal favorites. There's a certain charm to carrying a piece of that heritage, not just on the racetrack but in the everyday.

Topping it off is the genuine perforated leather case with a velvet interior and a custom eyewear cloth, touches that reflect an uncompromising attention to detail. The result? Not just eyewear, but an experience that marries tradition and innovation, function and fashion.

In short, the SALT. X RADFORD RS-500 is a masterpiece, a testament to the unique melding of automotive and eyewear heritage. It's a worthy investment for those who appreciate the finer things in life and aren't afraid to flaunt it. After all, nothing screams luxury and style like a quality pair of shades that can stand the test of time, just like the icons they're inspired by.


  1. High-quality Materials: The RS-500 sunglasses are made from aerospace-grade Japanese Titanium, ensuring durability and a featherweight feel, perfect for long hours of wear.
  2. Customization and Detailing: The sunglasses feature bespoke customization, with automotive-inspired side hood and front grill, adding an element of exclusivity and uniqueness to the product.
  3. Optical Clarity: The Polarized optical grade CR-39 lenses, coupled with anti-reflective, hydrophobic, and oleophobic coatings, promise clear vision under varying conditions, which is a major plus, especially for drivers.
  4. Heritage and Inspiration: The partnership with Radford and the inspiration from classic automotive and eyewear styles give the sunglasses a rich backstory and aesthetic appeal, making them more than just a functional item.
  5. Luxury Packaging: The leather case with a velvet interior and custom eyewear cloth add an additional layer of luxury to the product, enhancing the unboxing experience and the overall product value.


  1. Price: At $750, the price point is quite high, and while justified by the quality and exclusivity, it may not be accessible or practical for everyone.
  2. Style Specific: The design is heavily influenced by automotive styles and vintage eyewear. This may not appeal to everyone, especially those who prefer modern or minimalistic designs.
  3. Maintenance: The high-quality materials and coatings may require special care to maintain their performance and appearance. The product could be prone to scratches or damage if not handled with care.
  4. Limited Edition Colors: While the limited edition colors add to the exclusivity, they may not always be available, which could disappoint customers who are particular about these options.
  5. Size and Fit: The product details provide measurements, but with sunglasses, fit can be a very personal thing. Without trying them on, it's hard to guarantee they'll be comfortable for all face shapes and sizes.

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