Ryvid Anthem: Agile, Sleek, Electrifying Ride

Silent, nimble, powerful electric vehicle

Imagine this: you slip into the saddle of a machine, its profile sleek, yet assertively hinting at the capability contained within its aerospace-inspired frame. Your leg swings over the Ryvid Anthem, greeting you with an immediate sense of ergonomic awareness. It’s an electric ride, yes, but this? This is something singularly distinct, something that immediately tells you it’s not just an EV, but a whisper of the future, embodied in steel and speed.

The Ryvid Anthem doesn’t just stand there; it promises, with its ultra-lightweight folded stainless steel construction and an astonishingly diminutive weight that brings it closer to an e-bicycle than a traditional EV motorcycle. It carries a proprietary chassis, an affair of mere 12 pounds, which marries the thrilling athleticism of an electric powertrain with a nimbleness that is utterly delightful to experience. Imagine the power, the instantaneous torque, converting electrons into adrenaline with an ease that only a 4.7 to 1 ratio final drive can deliver.

But it's not all about heart-pounding rushes. The Anthem speaks of a whispery ride, where the world doesn’t vanish in a roar, but rather unfolds in a gentle hum, allowing the heartbeat of the journey, and not the machine, to echo in your ears. You hear the soft whir of the Continental Synchroforce Carbon belt, and you feel the nuanced, agile move through corners, courtesy of its deliberately low center of gravity. It's power without ostentation, thrill without the brashness of combustion.

With every glance at the vivid, 4.9-inch TFT display screen, it becomes an extension of your intuition, clear and efficient, indicating speed, charge, and voltage with an effortless read in even the brightest daylight. And then, the thoughtful gift to riders of all statures: the Ergo-Easy ride height-adjustable seat, moving from 30 to 34 inches, ensuring comfort, confidence, and versatility to all who ride.

As you pierce through the urban jungle or trace the curves of a distant highway, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tires whisper against the pavement, providing a grip that is confidently assured, their high performance and all-season capability holding you firmly to the road in a tender, unyielding embrace.

Yet the thoughtfulness does not end with mere speed and agility. The 4.3 kWh Lithium Ion battery, with an integrated 3.3 kW charger, speaks of sensibility and practicality, offering a rapid charge to 80% in merely 1.3 hours with 220V, ensuring your steed is ever ready to whisk you away to wherever your soul might find solace.

Speed and serenity coexist within the Anthem, as it gracefully allows for a hushed, urgent acceleration to 75+ mph, while ensuring your rides, be they through the congested arteries of the city or the sprawling expanses of the highway, are as reassuringly dependable as they are exhilarating.

It's more than an electric vehicle; the Ryvid Anthem is a proclamation of a future where the gentle hum of an electric motor does not merely signify motion but symbolizes a journey that’s as introspective and thought-provoking as it is thrilling. With a price tag of $8,995, it's a ticket to a ride that melds conscience with excitement, tangible in every gentle hum, every seamless acceleration, and every silent mile devoured beneath its wheels. So, the thrill of EV riding has not just arrived; it’s evolved, and dare it be said – it’s finally found its anthem.


  1. Ergo-Easy Seat: The ride height-adjustable seat, which ranges from 30 to 34 inches, caters to riders of various statures, ensuring both comfort and confidence.
  2. Performance and Power: With its electric motor, 4.7 to 1 ratio final drive, and peak torque of 53 ft-lb, the Anthem offers impressive acceleration and speed.
  3. Ultra-Lightweight Design: The proprietary stainless-steel chassis weighs just 12 pounds, making the bike nimble and easy to manage.
  4. Quick Charging: The 4.3 kWh Lithium Ion battery pack allows for rapid charging, taking only 1.3 hours to reach 80% with a 220V connection.
  5. Clear Display: The 4.9-inch high visibility TFT display provides clarity and efficiency in displaying critical information.
  6. Quality Tires: The Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tires not only offer excellent grip but are also eco-friendly and suitable for all seasons.
  7. Aerospace-Inspired Frame: Ensures durability and cutting-edge design aesthetics.
  8. Quiet Operation: Offers a serene riding experience, allowing riders to enjoy their surroundings without engine noise.
  9. Compliance: DOT and NHTSA compliant, ensuring it meets safety standards and is street legal in the USA.
  10. Price: At $8,995, it is competitively priced for the features and performance it offers.


  1. Limited Range at High Speeds: While the bike offers 75 miles range in the city, it drops to 35 miles at constant speeds of 70 mph.
  2. Weight with Battery: The bike weighs 313 lbs with the battery, which might be considered heavy for some users, despite its lightweight chassis.
  3. Limited Reverse Speed: Electronically limited to 5 mph, which might be restrictive for some users in specific situations.
  4. Warranty: The 2-year limited warranty for motorcycle parts & battery may seem short for such a significant investment.
  5. Battery Reliance: Like all EVs, the Anthem’s performance and utility rely heavily on its battery health, meaning eventual replacements or potential degradation over time.


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