Santa Cruz Heckler SL: Merging Exceptional eMTB Power and Delicate Design

Powerful, sleek, subtle, eMTB innovation.

Journeying into the lush trails of Santa Cruz, the whisper of the wind through the pines greets me, punctuated only by the gentle hum of the Heckler SL beneath me, a melody to which my adventurous spirit dances. What Santa Cruz has unveiled with the Heckler SL is not merely an eBike, but a symbiotic blend of traditional mountain biking soul with the quiet yet potent spirit of electric mobility.

We find ourselves straddling a steed that is both mighty and gracious, as the Heckler SL subtly hides its electronic prowess beneath a sleek, fully integrated carbon frame. The enigmatic FAZUA RIDE 60 motor, a creation of the Porsche-owned company, Fazua, nestles quietly, its energy emanating not just from its capacity to propel, but its ability to do so with such harmony and discreetness. This is not a machine that shouts about its electric capabilities but whispers, allowing the ride, the trail, and nature to take center stage.

The seamless integration of a 430 Wh battery and the quietly efficient motor proves that potency and subtlety can indeed share the same space. Fazua’s RIDE 60 does not just support your ride; it entwines with it, its three ride modes – Breeze, River, and Rocket – morphing not just the physical experience but also subtly altering the interaction between rider and terrain. These aren’t merely modes; they’re passages to varied adventures, each granting a different flavor of the journey, all customizable via an app to finely tune your venture into the wild.

An LED display, integrated gracefully into the top tube, becomes your silent, nonintrusive companion, whispering vital information about battery life and ride mode, ensuring that the modernity introduced by the Heckler SL doesn’t jar against the timeless environment that envelops you.

Geometry has always been the secret script by which a bike communicates with the trails. With the Heckler SL, Santa Cruz pored over these sacred numbers, developing a discourse of performance and comfort that speaks in hushed tones of agility, balance, and confident handling. The 150mm of VPP suspension at the rear and a 160mm fork at the forefront float you through the undulating sea of trails with a playful yet controlled buoyancy. And while the rider is cushioned from the erratic narratives of rocky, rooty paths, the Heckler SL, with its mixed-wheel approach – a stable 29-inch wheel at the front and a nimble 27.5-inch at the rear – maintains a confident dialogue with the earth.

Navigating through the sinuous paths, the Heckler SL proves itself to be not only a bicycle but a conveyance to escapism, where the fluidity of nature, machine, and human become indistinguishable. That’s where the VPP linkage makes its prowess known, the 150mm of rear wheel travel a sweet, harmonizing melody in this symphonic ride through the woodland. A flip-chip at the lower shock mount invites you to alter the bike’s geometry, a gentle nod to customization that empowers every rider to tailor their journey, whether aiming for a more relaxed or aggressively playful ride.

What comes across most vividly is the way Santa Cruz has managed to intertwine respect for mountain biking’s raw, mechanical roots with a gentle embrace of electronic progression. The Heckler SL does not demand to be noticed or flaunt its eBike status. Instead, it asks simply to be ridden, to be part of stories that unfurl along dusty trails and under the expansive, limitless sky.

With five different build models, each crafted with a meticulous hand and offering an adventure tailored to various desires and budgets, Santa Cruz does more than sell a bike. From the reasonably accessible Heckler SL R to the sophisticated Heckler SL XX AXS RSV, it offers entry to experiences as diverse and rich as the trails that beckon. And with each purchase, a subtle nod to preservation and respect is given, as Santa Cruz commits funds to both trail maintenance via the Pay Dirt fund and an eBike battery recycling program.

Indeed, it's a machine that asks nothing more than to be a silent partner in your journey, to amplify your capabilities and expand your horizons, without overshadowing the ancient, timeless dialogue between rider, machine, and trail. It’s an invitation, not to ride harder or faster, but to explore further, to delve deeper into the wild, sacred spaces that have whispered tales of adventure for millennia and will continue to do so for millennia to come.


  1. Lightweight Design: The Heckler SL offers a surprisingly light ride experience, especially considering its eBike status, with an average weight of about 18.5 kg.
  2. Stealthy and Quiet eBike System: The integration of the Fazua Ride 60 motor is done in such a manner that the eBike maintains a subtle and quiet presence on the trails.
  3. Variable Power Modes and Customizable App Control: Offering three distinct ride modes and the potential to customize via an app provides adaptability and a tailored riding experience.
  4. Impressive Geometry and Suspension: With 150mm/160mm MX eBike and VPP linkage, the bike aims to provide a balanced, smooth, and responsive ride on diverse trails.
  5. Environmental and Trail Support Contributions: The brand allocates funds from each sale to support trail maintenance and eBike battery recycling programs, showing a commitment to sustainability and trail preservation.
  6. Lifetime Warranty: The offering of a lifetime warranty on the frame, bearings, and certain rims demonstrates confidence in product durability and a commitment to long-term customer satisfaction.


  1. Battery Removal Inconvenience: The battery is not easily removed for charging, as the motor must be taken out first, which may pose a challenge for some users.
  2. Higher Cost: With pricing starting at $7,299 and ranging up to $12,999, the financial investment is significant and may be a barrier for some potential riders.
  3. Limited to Mid-Power eBike Experience: Those seeking a full-powered eBike experience may find the Heckler SL’s mid-power design a limitation in certain trail conditions or ride contexts.
  4. Wait for Additional Features: Noted upcoming features, like the range extender, will not be available until a future date, meaning early adopters will miss out on certain enhancements.
  5. Complexity for New eBikers: The high level of customization and various features, while beneficial for experienced eBikers, may present a steep learning curve for those new to eBiking.
  6. Unknown Long-term Durability of the New Model: As a new release, the long-term durability and performance of the Heckler SL in various real-world conditions are yet to be comprehensively assessed by a wide user base.


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