Run in the Rain, take it everywhere – Vivobarefoot Swimrun

vivobarefoot swimrun

If you can only take one pair of shoes with you for your summer vacation, you'd do well with a pair of Vivobarefoot Swimruns, especially when your travel plan involves running. They're easy to pack too.

The Vivobarefoot Swimrun with its zero drop profile and wide toe box is made for the trail. They're great for getting wet, crossing a body of water, standing in the puddle, and can even be used in waterparks or while swimming. The puncture resistant sole means you don't have to worry about stepping on something sharp or pointy while you wade through murky water.

Quick laces allows you to slip them on or off easily. You can also wear Swimruns with or without socks. They're such versatile footwear well-suited for traveling.

Originally made for the Swedish race series called Ötillö Swimrun.

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