Extremely Bright Bike Brake Lights – M99 Tail light 25

Brightest Tail Light

One of the best ways to stay alive on the road is to be seen. In most cases, a really bright light does the trick. The Supernova M99 Tail Light 25 is six times brighter than the brightest road legal tail light on the market. 

The M99 is so bright you can see it from over 900 m, even during day time. There are 5 LEDs packed into the device. The 3 clear LEDs provide the brightness while the 2 red LEDs on the side makes sure you are visible from the sides.

World's First Brake Light for Bicycles

The Supernova M99 25 is the first tail light with an integrated lever-actuated brake light.

Twin Beam

To enhance visibility and safety, the M99 combines two different beam angles so that you can be seen at any angle from behind. Supernova dubbed it the Twin Beam Technology. 

twin beam technology

One of the winners at Eurobike Awards 2018


Housing materialAluminum
Weight28 g
Candela10 cd – 85 cd
WxHxD22 x 61.5 x 11.6 mm
Power levels 12 V version0.4 W / 2.1 W (brake light)
Signalling LEDs5 mm custom made high power LEDs
Installation50 mm distance / M4 thread
connection3-wired (++-)
Warranty5 years
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