Urban Bike and Gravel Bike in One – Metamorphosis Sports Utility Bike

Gravel bikes can go on road or off road. But when you're going exclusively on road, a road bike is the better option. The Metamorphosis bike can switch between urban bike and gravel bike. It's the first Sports Utility Bike by De Rosa and Pininfarina.

How fast can it transform? I haven't seen a demonstration of the metamorphosis from urban to gravel but don't expect it to be a quick transformation like the Transformers. 

Metamorphosis comes with a Shimano Alfine 8-speed drivetrain, which makes it look single speed. Speed changes happen internally in the hub.

The frame is of monocoque inner-mold carbon, which makes it light and stiff.



METAMORPHOSIS DATA SHEET, the first Sport Utility Bike designed by De Rosa and


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    Frame: Carbon monocoque inner mold
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    Size: 3 different size, 49 - 52 - 56
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    Braking System: Hydraulic disc Flat Mount
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    Group: Shimano Alfine 8 speed
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    Transmission: Timing belt
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    Wheels: Aluminium high profile 40mm
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    Tires: Sections from 42 slick, medium or gravel
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    Bike Racks: In aluminium integrated to the frame.
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