RipCurl Search GPS Surf Watch – Track the Waves

Score the best surf

You think you just surfed the biggest wave you've ever seen or the fastest or the longest, but how can you be so sure?

The Rip Curl Search GPS Watch lets you track how many waves you've surfed, your distance, your speed, and even your location.

Thanks to satellite positioning, it can show you the time and tide information at over 1300 surf breaks around the world. All this information can be seen on the watch's large LCD display but when synced to your smartphone, it's even better.

You can see your data on a larger screen and relive the entire surfing session by visualising the data collected.


  • Up to date tide charts
  • Tracks your surf
  • Can be used for other sports
  • Tracks real-time surf conditions


  • Accuracy unknown
  • In some places, occasionally the watch doesn't sync up with the satellite for tracking


The RipCurl Search GPS 2 watch allows you to track your surf, monitor real-time conditions, and can even be used to track other sports. For surfers, it's indispensable especially when you're serious about it.

This product is no longer available

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