Razer Nabu – Fitness Tracker/Smartband Beta

You look at your wrist and see the fitness tracker you just bought a few months back. It tracks everything from your heart rate to your sleeping patterns but you haven't used it in a while. It seemed unnecessary when all you've been doing lately is laze around all day. You'd probably use it more if it does something else that's useful for everyday life. While many fitness trackers also function as a watch, the Razer Nabu can do even more. It is designed so that “you can stay updated discreetly and get right back to what you were doing in a second” via its Private Message Screen. Shake to dismiss active notifications. You can also choose which Nabu compatible apps you want to be notified for and what activities to log. It is not clear when the Nabu will be available to consumers but if you meet the following criteria, you can get the beta version for $1:

1. Hardcore fans of Razer who are tech savvy/comfortable with technology;
2. Prepared to provide a detailed written report and/or beta feedback to us. (NB: Failure to provide a written report will result in user disqualification from future beta programs from Razer)
3. Already actively using Razer hardware devices or software services; and/or
4. Active on our social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram; will have higher chances of being selected for the Beta Program.”

$1 when it was available (seriously – $1)

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