Princeton Tec Vizz RGB: A Symphony of Colors in a Durable Headlamp

Powerful, colorful, versatile, reliable headlamp

Navigating through the wild, whether it's for the thrill of the hunt, the serenity of a moonlit hike, or the bone-chilling excitement of a night-time adventure, demands resilience and dependable gear. One such indispensable tool for the nocturnal adventurer is a reliable source of light. In my travels, I've tested many, and there's something quite impressive about the Princeton Tec Vizz RGB.

At first glance, this headlamp comes across as a sturdy ally. Its power is commendable, pushing out 550 lumens from a solitary Maxbright LED, a beacon in the pitch-black wilderness. Lightweight and resistant to the elements, it's built for extreme situations, embodying the strength of its creators, a family-owned business renowned in the tactical space.

More than just a torch, the Vizz RGB brings a splash of color to the wilderness with its Red, Green, and Blue Ultrabright LEDs. The red light is particularly useful, especially when trying not to spook wildlife or preserving your night vision. However, the green and blue options are intriguing additions, potentially offering their unique benefits.

Switching between colors and modes is a breeze. Just one button brings you through a cycle of red, green, blue, and back again. For those instances where you need a stronger beam, a few seconds holding down the button and you have a high-powered, white spotlight at your disposal.

Moreover, this headlamp offers an incredible level of customization. The dimmable feature on the white maxbright LED isn't just an add-on; it's a game-changer. It allows you to control the intensity of light to your exact preference – an unexpected luxury in the heart of the wild.

However, keep in mind, the promise of a 33-hour burn time applies only if you're using the maxbright on low. Crank it up to its full potential, and your runtime shrinks drastically to 2.5 hours. So, carrying an extra set of batteries wouldn't be a bad idea.

One final note on the digital lockout feature, an unsung hero of this headlamp. There's little more frustrating than reaching into your bag to find your headlamp has been unwittingly activated, draining your precious battery life. This feature ensures that such mishaps are relegated to the past.

To conclude, the Princeton Tec Vizz RGB is a trusty companion for the rugged adventurer. It's not just a torch, but a versatile lighting system, embodying resilience and reliability. For anyone braving the wilderness under the stars, I'd say this headlamp is worth considering. It shines not just with its brightness, but with its promise to illuminate your path, come rain or shine, in a palette of colors to suit your every need.


  1. Versatile Lighting Options: The Princeton Tec Vizz RGB offers not just a white light, but also red, green, and blue options. This variety allows users to switch modes based on their requirements.
  2. Powerful White Light: The 550-lumen Maxbright LED provides a strong, white spotlight, making it ideal for navigating through pitch-dark environments.
  3. Digital Lockout Feature: This feature prevents the headlamp from being unintentionally activated, preserving battery life and avoiding potential mishaps.
  4. Dimmable Feature: This feature on the Maxbright LED allows users to adjust the light intensity as per their needs, offering a customizable experience.
  5. Durability and Weather Resistance: Rated to IPX7, the headlamp is water-resistant up to one meter. It's also lightweight yet robust, making it a reliable companion in rugged environments.
  6. Lifetime Warranty: The Vizz RGB comes with a lifetime warranty, providing assurance of its longevity and quality.


  1. Reduced Runtime on Max Brightness: Although the headlamp offers a burn time of 33 hours, this applies only when the Maxbright LED is used on low mode. On high, the runtime reduces significantly to 2.5 hours.
  2. Single Button Operation: While the single button for all functions might be seen as user-friendly, it could also lead to potential confusion, especially in dark or urgent situations.
  3. Potential for Color Overkill: The red, green, and blue options, while intriguing, might not be necessary or useful for all users. Some might find these additional color options to be superfluous.
  4. Requirement for Additional Tools: To replace batteries, users need a special battery door key, which doubles as a bracket on the strap. This may not be convenient for everyone, especially in situations where quick battery replacement is necessary.


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