Opeongo Aerial A1: Elevate Your Camping Experience with This Innovative Hammock-Tent Hybrid

Elevated, Comfortable, Easy-setup, Sturdy, Innovative

Well, here's something that might pique the interest of those who live for the call of the wild. Picture this: a suspended haven nestled between two trees, your own private enclave in nature. That's what you're signing up for when you get your hands on the Opeongo Aerial A1.

The Aerial A1 isn't your average camping tent; it's a hammock-tent hybrid that suspends you off the cold, damp ground, shielding you from the discomfort of sleeping on uneven terrain littered with rocks and branches. The innovative design, modeled after the concept of slacklines, offers a four-point connection system, transforming two trees into a sturdy, springy sleeping platform.

It's this unique suspension system that sets it apart. You won't find a mere two-point hammock connection here; instead, the Aerial A1 provides stability that allows even a child to climb in without a hitch. The question of whether it'll flip over? With proper setup, you'll find yourself more likely to rock gently to the rhythm of the wind than topple over.

But it's not all about the suspension. This tent is a prime example of form marrying function. Its sleek 2.45kg structure comes packed with features that enhance your camping experience. Premium hardware, such as Austrian-made buckles and DAC aluminum poles, come together to provide the strength and durability you'd want in your outdoor gear.

The A1's intelligent design includes a roomy interior with a maximum height limit of 6'2″, three well-placed internal pockets, and compatibility with a large Therm-a-Rest® sleeping pad. Even the small details, like the “SKY” pocket, are well thought out – it's the perfect nook to nestle your headlamp, transforming your tent into a warm, inviting space when night falls.

What’s more, the simplicity of setting it up makes it a standout. You'll need no more than about 6 minutes to assemble it. In a world where every second counts, this feature is a real godsend, especially after a long day of hiking or exploring.

In terms of price, at $499 CAD, some might flinch. But remember, this isn't just a tent; it's your ticket to a sublime outdoor experience. Aerial A1 is a testament to Opeongo's belief in redefining boundaries and creating innovative, quality products for the modern explorer.

To sum it up, the Opeongo Aerial A1 isn't for the faint-hearted or those simply seeking a place to crash during their outdoor trip. No, this tent is for the adventurers, the wanderers, the ones who yearn for an intimate connection with nature while refusing to compromise on comfort and convenience.

So the next time you feel the call of the wild, remember: the Aerial A1 could be the perfect companion to elevate your camping experience from ordinary to unforgettable.


  1. Lightweight: Weighing just 2.45kg (trail weight), it's easy to carry, making it ideal for long hiking or camping trips.
  2. Spacious: The height limit is 190cm (around 6'2″), and the floor dimensions are 203cm x 69cm (80″ x 27″), which allows ample room for the average camper.
  3. Durability and Stability: Constructed with 210D ripstop nylon and PU 4000 floor, it is robust. Additionally, the four-point connection system using two trees provides excellent stability.
  4. Warmth and Comfort: Compatibility with a Therm-a-Rest® sleeping pad and an underquilt option for winter camping ensures warmth. The tent also includes three well-placed internal pockets for convenience.
  5. Premium Hardware: The use of high-quality materials like AustriAlpine® buckles, DAC® pressfit poles, and a Rollercam® enhance its overall strength and security.
  6. Easy to Set Up: The Aerial A1 can be set up in about six minutes, which can be a significant advantage in the wilderness.


  1. Tree Requirement: The tent needs two trees to set up, which may limit camping options in tree-less terrains.
  2. Potential for Instability: While the tent has been designed for stability, the potential for rocking side to side exists. Inappropriately leveled setups or insufficient tension could lead to potential discomfort.
  3. Price: Priced at $499 CAD, it is a high-end option and may not be within the budget for all outdoor enthusiasts.
  4. Weight Limit: With a suspended capacity of 125kg, it may not accommodate campers over this weight.
  5. No In-built Padding: Although it is compatible with a Therm-a-Rest® sleeping pad, the lack of in-built padding could mean less comfort if you don't own or forget to bring the pad.

$499 CAD

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