Porsche Design Sunglasses P´8951 Ltd. Edition: A Salute to the Iconic 911

Masculine, limited-edition, premium aluminum sunglasses

A fine object demands the beholder's attention. It commands respect and begs to be admired. It doesn't just exist; it asserts. Much like a vintage V-twin roaring to life on a chilly morning, the Porsche Design Sunglasses P´8951 Ltd. Edition is one such object. It's often said that beauty lies in the smallest details, and in this instance, my friend, we have a masterpiece.

Milled with the precision of a master craftsman from a single block of aluminum, this strikingly masculine eyewear is as much a testament to engineering as it is to design. It echoes the staccato rhythm of a racecar engine, revving and purring on a circuit, reflected in the angular geometries and straight lines that grace its front. At a glance, they seem to be two distinct lenses, but the devil is in the details – it's a single shield, a spectacle sculpture if you will.

Every pair carries the Porsche Design lettering, lasered on the temple like a birthmark. To hold them is to hold a small piece of history, a connection to the iconic Porsche 911 that has etched its legacy in the annals of automotive prowess. The genius of the design is how it harnesses the interplay of light and shadow on the bright aluminum, a dance of contrasts that highlights the edges and bevels, emphasizing the technical look.

And that's just the frame. When it comes to the lenses, there's a lot to love. The brown gold mirror offers a commanding 88% tint that's perfect for active people who refuse to squint in the face of life's brightness. But it's not just about looking cool. The VISION DRIVE lens technology ensures UV400 protection, absorbing harmful rays and providing anti-glare protection that is a must-have when you're hitting the pavement or racing down the highway.

They come snugly packed in a high-quality case that includes a lens cleaning cloth. And the exclusivity of it all? Limited to 911 pieces worldwide. A nod, a salute, to the car that started it all, the Porsche 911. With a price tag of $1200, these sunglasses aren't for the faint of heart, but let's be honest – a good taste for adventure rarely comes cheap.

In essence, the Porsche Design Sunglasses P´8951 Ltd. Edition are more than just a pair of sunglasses. They're a statement. A promise. A piece of history to wear on your face as you make history of your own. So here's to the people who refuse to stand still. The go-getters, the thrill-seekers, the speedsters. This one's for you. And as I've often said – we're here for a good time, not a long time. Make it count.


  1. Premium Material: Milled from a single block of aluminum, these sunglasses boast high durability and a sleek, high-quality feel.
  2. Unique Design: The striking angular geometry and straight lines create a masculine, technical aesthetic that stands out from the crowd.
  3. Inspired by Iconic History: Limited to 911 pieces worldwide, the P´8951 is a nod to the legendary Porsche 911, making it a collector's piece for automotive enthusiasts.
  4. Advanced Lens Technology: Equipped with VISION DRIVE lens technology, the sunglasses offer UV400 protection, anti-glare capabilities, and impact-resistant polycarbonate coated for scratch resistance.
  5. Exclusive Accessories: The glasses are delivered in a high-quality case with a lens cleaning cloth included, adding to the luxury feel of the product.


  1. Price: Priced at $1,200, these sunglasses are on the expensive side. While the high cost is attributed to the premium materials and limited edition nature, they might not be accessible to everyone.
  2. Limited Availability: As a limited-edition item, once the 911 pieces are sold, they won't be produced again. This could disappoint potential buyers who miss out on the opportunity.
  3. Design Not for Everyone: The angular, technical design, while unique, might not appeal to everyone. Its masculine aesthetic may not resonate with those seeking a softer, more classical look in their eyewear.
  4. Single Shield Lens: The sunglasses feature a single shield lens, which mimics the look of two individual lenses. Some users might prefer traditional separate lenses for comfort or aesthetic reasons.


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