PMP Knives’ Kodiak: The Ultimate Fusion of M390 Steel Strength and Aesthetic Appeal

Robust, Aesthetically Pleasing, High-Quality Knife

A master stroke of bold aesthetics and superior craftsmanship, the Kodiak is PMP's love letter to knife enthusiasts who seek the perfect blend of design, functionality, and quality. Imagine the harmony of cutting-edge technology and refined elegance, forged into a device of pure, raw beauty.

The Kodiak exudes a unique persona with its two choices of Bronze or Titanium (Blue). Their interpretation of bronze is akin to a regal gold—an understated brilliance that isn't glaringly flashy, but refuses to be overlooked. On the other hand, the titanium-blue presents a sleek, futuristic image that is sure to captivate many eyes.

At its heart lies the powerful M390 steel—a mark of strength that establishes the Kodiak as a true heavyweight in its class. Not only does it offer superior edge retention and corrosion resistance, it's also highly revered by knife enthusiasts globally for its toughness, making it the material of choice for a knife that's built to last. The choice of M390 showcases PMP's commitment to use only the finest, authentic materials, promising no shortcuts or compromise on quality.

The design, though bearing some similarities to the Alpha Beast, is thinner and more ergonomic, thereby catering to everyday usage while maintaining the grandeur of a collector's piece. Its substantial blade stock thickness is a testament to its robust and durable nature. And the weight—just right at 285 grams—adds the perfect heft to it, asserting its solid build without feeling too cumbersome.

The thoughtful design extends to the lock-in mechanism, ensuring it's secure and firm in your grip. PMP has done well to maintain balance between ruggedness and practicality, creating a knife that feels secure without being overly aggressive.

The Kodiak is a product of relentless passion and innovation, a testament to PMP Knives' philosophy of creating high-quality knives that aren't merely tools, but works of art in their own right. From Switzerland to the USA and China, the design team has left no stone unturned in their pursuit of excellence.

Overall, the Kodiak carries an air of understated luxury, brought to life by fine materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and a keen eye for design. Whether you're a collector, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone who appreciates well-crafted tools, this knife is a stellar addition to any collection. With its blend of form and function, the Kodiak isn't just a knife—it's a statement. An ode to the art of knife making, a testament to the relentless pursuit of quality, and above all, a beacon for those who refuse to compromise on their tools.


  1. Superior Material: The use of M390 steel for the blade ensures excellent durability, edge retention, and corrosion resistance, making the Kodiak a long-lasting tool.
  2. High-quality Design: The thoughtful, ergonomic design strikes a balance between robustness and practicality. Its substantial blade thickness suggests durability while its thinner profile compared to its predecessor makes it more practical for everyday use.
  3. Secure Lock-in Mechanism: The knife is designed with a solid lock-in mechanism for safe usage and to ensure it's secure and firm in the grip, enhancing its utility.
  4. Aesthetically Pleasing: Available in two colors—Bronze and Titanium (Blue)—the Kodiak caters to different style preferences. The textured titanium finish is a nice touch, adding to its aesthetic appeal.
  5. Weight: At 285g, the Kodiak has a substantial heft that underscores its build quality, without being too heavy or cumbersome.
  6. High Resale Value: As a premium, limited edition knife, the Kodiak is likely to maintain a high resale value, particularly for collectors.


  1. Price: At €389, the Kodiak is a significant investment. Its premium price point may not be affordable for all, making it more suited to serious enthusiasts or collectors.
  2. Size: While the thinner profile of the Kodiak compared to the Alpha Beast increases its practicality, its overall size and blade length may still be too large for some users' everyday needs.
  3. Free Spinning Pivot Design: The adjustment heads on both sides of the knife suggest that the pivot is likely free spinning. This can make adjusting the knife more difficult without the proper tools or technique.
  4. Weight: Despite being a pro for some, the weight of the Kodiak can also be viewed as a con. At 285g, it's significantly heavier than many everyday carry (EDC) knives, which might not be ideal for those preferring a lightweight tool.
  5. Exclusivity: As a limited edition knife, the Kodiak may not always be readily available for purchase, which can be a downside for those interested in acquiring it.


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