Play ball in the dark at night

Glow in the dark. 

Available as different types of balls including football, American football, volleyball, baseball, and softball, the Chargeball glows in the dark and allows you to play when there's very little light or no light at all. All balls are regulation-sized. Unfortunately, there's currently no basketball version.

The Chargeball uses glow-in-the-dark material instead of LED lights like you see in Glowcity balls. Unlike the Glowcity balls, the Chargeball does not require batteries.

However it does need to be charged before use, not with electricity, but with light. You can use any source of light including the sun but a Chargeball Pro Kit  comes with a bag lined with LED lights for charging.

It takes 20 seconds to charge the ball and it glows for about 2 hours. If the ball stops glowing or the glow starts to fade, you can simply charge it for 20 seconds to extend your play time. 


  • No batteries required
  • Regulation-sized balls
  • Only takes 20 seconds to charge


  • Glow only last for 2 hours


Playing in the dark with a ball that glows can be a lot a fun. These Chargeballs may not glow for more than 2 hours at a time but charging it to get 2 more hours of light only takes 20 seconds. 

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