Pinarello Dogma F Super Record WLS: A Legacy of Victory on Two Wheels

Elite, Versatile, Aerodynamic, Innovative, Victory-laden

Here we have a sleek machine, a veritable orchestra of engineering, the Pinarello Dogma F Super Record WLS. It carries the same pedigree that's graced the finish lines of seven out of the last 11 Tours de France, and the bloodline just got stronger.

The newest addition to the DOGMA legacy is like a Swiss Army knife on two wheels. It balances the seemingly impossible: climbs like a billy goat, descends like a falcon and sprints like a cheetah. Whatever the road – or life, for that matter – decides to pitch at you, it's always the right choice.

Its beauty is not just skin deep. Beneath that radiant exterior, you'll find an innovative heart beating to the rhythm of Carbon T1100 1K, high tensile and high modulus carbon fiber infused with patented Nanoalloy Technology. An undeniable blend of power and grace, it's like watching a ballerina with the strength of a heavyweight boxer.

Then there's the subtle wizardry of TiCR – the state-of-the-art internal cable routing, a stealthy conductor that's making the music play across the entire bike. It's a hide-and-seek champion for cables, ensuring improved aerodynamics and protection.

This model also features the Flatback Profile, an aerofoil tailored to tango with the wind rather than fight it. It's compliant to the UCI's 3:1 rule and offers an excellent aerodynamic performance with low lateral wind resistance.

The Onda Fork, a distinctive Pinarello staple since 2000, is the rudder of this fine ship. It offers stability, precision in turns, and softens both longitudinal and lateral shocks, like a seasoned diplomat smoothing out international relations.

The well-crafted Campagnolo Super Record WLS 12S drivetrain does the heavy lifting silently, while the Campagnolo Super Record 2 pistons caliper brakes with 160mm rotors are always ready to haul you down from warp speed with grace.

Wrapped in the caress of Pirelli P7 tyres and perched atop the Most Lynx Ultrafast Superflow L Carbon Large 145mm saddle, comfort is not an afterthought but a carefully integrated component.

This marvel of design and innovation is not merely a machine, but a living entity, a symphony on wheels. It's all about the art of balance – power with elegance, speed with comfort, and performance with aesthetics. So, get on, saddle up, and let's take this baby for a spin. Adventure awaits, my friends!

Pros of the Pinarello Dogma F Super Record WLS:

  1. Proven Pedigree: The Pinarello Dogma series is synonymous with victory, boasting wins in seven out of the last 11 Tours de France. You're riding on a piece of cycling history.
  2. Carbon T1100 1K Frame: The use of high tensile and high modulus carbon fiber with patented Nanoalloy Technology guarantees outstanding performance and durability.
  3. Versatility: Whether you're climbing steep gradients, descending at breakneck speed, or sprinting towards the finish line, this bike has got you covered. It's a truly versatile machine.
  4. Aerodynamics: The Flatback Profile ensures excellent aerodynamic performance and low lateral wind resistance, improving overall speed and efficiency.
  5. Sophisticated Cable Routing (TiCR): The internal cable routing system not only improves aerodynamic performance but also provides enhanced protection for the cables.
  6. Quality Components: The Campagnolo Super Record WLS 12S drivetrain and braking system are top-of-the-line components known for their reliability and performance.

Cons of the Pinarello Dogma F Super Record WLS:

  1. Cost: Priced at $15,999.99, this bike comes with a hefty price tag that could be prohibitive for many cycling enthusiasts.
  2. Limited Tire Size: The maximum tire size of 25mm may not appeal to riders seeking the additional comfort and stability that wider tires can offer.
  3. Weight: While the exact weight isn't specified, some may find high-performance carbon fiber road bikes like this one a bit heavier compared to ultra-lightweight options.
  4. Specific Audience: This bike is built with performance and racing in mind. Casual riders might not fully appreciate or utilize its extensive capabilities, making it potentially over-engineered for their needs.
  5. Maintenance: High-end components like the Campagnolo Super Record WLS 12S can require more frequent and specialized maintenance, adding to the overall cost of ownership.


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