Igloo Trailmate 25 Qt Cooler: Unleashing Unparalleled Ice Retention and Outdoor Durability

Rugged cooler for adventurous spirits

For all those wanderers and wild spirits out there, prepare to be enthralled by the Igloo Trailmate 25 Qt Cooler. This is not just any regular outdoor gear; it's an embodiment of unwavering durability and remarkable practicality. Crafted on the broad plains of Texas, with a rugged, bold construction that seems like it's been forged from the same spirit of grit and guts that built America.

The cooler's cleverly engineered design reflects a thoughtful awareness of the practicalities of the outdoor life. An extraordinary 1.5-inch foam-insulated wall and lid scream an uncompromising commitment to cold. It promises a loyal guardian of your refreshments, holding onto the ice for an entire long weekend, ensuring your adventures are always accompanied by a crisp, chilled drink.

Even in the brutal, heat-soaked terrains, it stands resilient, its body elevated from the unforgiving hot surfaces thanks to the Cool Riser Technology. And what's more? It's armed with the innovative Sure-Lock rubber latches – a simple yet ingenious mechanism that ensures your provisions are always secure while locking in the cold.

But don't think for a second that this cooler is all brawn and no brains. It has a few tricks up its sleeve that you wouldn't necessarily expect from your average cooler. For one, it features a lid with a locking plate that serves a dual purpose – a deftly hidden bottle opener. A simple, yet delightful touch for those spontaneous celebratory moments. And when it's time for a cleanup, the threaded drain plug connects seamlessly to your water hose making the job a cinch.

This 25-quart ice chest, weighing a manageable 10.8 lbs, can shoulder an impressive 38 12-oz cans, ensuring that neither you nor your companions ever run out of the good stuff. And despite its capacity, it's compact enough to never feel like a burden. The diamond-textured grip on the extra-wide swing-up handle ensures that this trusty companion can follow you from the tailgating lot to the remote sandy beaches without any hassle.

Moreover, it's not just the journey this cooler cares about; it's also looking out for the destination. With a lid equipped with self-draining cup holders, it ensures your drinks are always secure and within arm's reach.

Every feature of the Trailmate is a testament to its unyielding commitment to making your outdoor experiences even more memorable. From the UV inhibitors that shield it from the harsh sun, to the oversized hinges promising an extended product life, this cooler is your trusty sidekick for every escapade, beckoning you towards uncharted territories with the promise of an ice-cold refreshment.

For just $99.99, the Igloo Trailmate 25 Qt Cooler is not merely a product; it's an investment into a lifetime of outdoor adventures. One that calls out to every adventurer – promising companionship, resilience, and above all, an undying commitment to keep the spirit of exploration alive and well-refreshed.

Igloo Trailmate 25's built-in bottle opener


  1. Extended Ice Retention: With 1.5-inch foam-insulated walls and lid, the cooler promises to keep your items chilled for extended periods, ideal for long weekends outdoors.
  2. Durability: The heavy-duty blow-molded construction and oversized, heavy-duty hinges ensure the cooler's longevity, while UV inhibitors protect it from sun damage.
  3. Versatile Features: It includes a threaded drain plug for easy draining, self-draining cup holders for added convenience, and a locking plate that doubles as a bottle opener.
  4. Sure-Lock Latches: These ensure a secure closure to lock in the cold and keep your items secure, even during transit.
  5. Easy to Transport: Despite its capacity to hold 38 12-oz cans, its weight is manageable at 10.8 lbs, and the extra-wide swing-up bail handle with diamond-textured grip ensures comfort while carrying.


  1. Lack of Lock: While it features a lockable lid for security, the actual lock is not included, which may be an inconvenience for some users.
  2. Size: Some users might find the 25-quart capacity not large enough for their needs, particularly for longer trips or larger groups.
  3. Price: Priced at $99.99, it might be considered slightly expensive when compared to other coolers in the market.
  4. Drain Plug Location: Depending on user preference and usage, the location of the drain plug may not be optimal for all situations, making drainage more difficult.
  5. Cup Holder Size: The built-in cup holders might not fit all sizes of cups or cans, which could limit their usability.


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