Pasq ADV1: Revolutionizing Motorcycle Adventure with Single-Wheel Stability

Adventurer's Dream Motorcycle Trailer

Here we are, my friends, on the cusp of yet another thrilling escapade. You know, there's a kind of magic about the open road that whispers of endless possibilities. As wanderers of the world, we've all experienced moments where the lure of the journey calls stronger than the comforts of the familiar. And for those times, you might just find the perfect companion in the Pasq ADV1.

Born in the heart of Chicago, the Pasq ADV1 is not your usual hitch-on and go trailer. No, this is a marvel of engineering that dances with your bike, trailing its course through every twist and turn, every rise and fall. It is a chariot for your adventures, marrying both maneuverability and stability in an almost poetic ballet on the open road.

What really sets the Pasq ADV1 apart is its game-changing trapezoid hinge. Picture this: you're cruising along a winding country road, your bike leans into the curves, responding to the shifting weight and flow of the journey. Behind you, the ADV1 leans in perfect harmony, its single 17-inch wheel hugging the same path, tracing your lines with precision. As you steer clear of that rogue pothole, the ADV1 faithfully swerves in step with you. At high speeds, the trailer locks in, becoming an integral extension of your ride rather than a separate entity.

Let's not forget to mention the practicality of this adventurous buddy. The storage system is something to marvel at. You can equip it with a lockable, waterproof aluminum cargo box, decked out with an internal USB port for all your charging needs. It's your versatile roadie, your carry-all for those long stretches of road between pit stops, when all you want is to keep going, to devour miles and watch the landscape change.

This slim-line adventure companion is built to handle bumps and bashes with the resilience of a warrior, ensuring your precious cargo is safe, regardless of the terrain. But it doesn't stop at resilience. The ADV1's narrow design also ensures that it stays in line with your bike, never veering out and becoming an unwelcome road hog. It's like having a second shadow, always following but never obstructing.

What's exciting is that the Pasq ADV1 isn't just about carrying your gear. It's about expanding your horizons and allowing you to bring along those extras that enhance the joy of your journey. Maybe it's your favorite cast iron skillet for cooking up a storm under the stars or that cooler filled with refreshing drinks for the long haul. It's the added comforts that make all the difference.

The Pasq ADV1 doesn't just transport your stuff; it enables a richer, more immersive travel experience. It’s designed to help you conquer those untamed trails and lose yourself in the throbbing pulse of the city without having to worry about leaving anything behind.

Whether you're a hard-core adventurer with a hunger for the off-road tracks, or a road-trip enthusiast who relishes the smooth whisper of the highway beneath your wheels, the Pasq ADV1 is a game-changer. As we adventurers know, it’s about the journey and not the destination. With the Pasq ADV1, you don't just get there, you truly arrive.

Remember, every trip has a purpose, every ride is a story. So go ahead, my fellow wanderers. Hit that road, take that turn, and let the Pasq ADV1 carry your dreams into the horizon. Because isn't that what adventure is all about? To explore, to discover, and most importantly, to live. So saddle up, take the wheel, and let’s head towards the next horizon. Adventure awaits!


  1. Maneuverability and Stability: With its proprietary trapezoid hinge, the ADV1 is designed to seamlessly maneuver with the bike, giving the rider a sense of unity with the trailer, especially at high speeds. It can gracefully follow the bike's path around obstacles, making the journey smoother.
  2. Storage and Convenience: The ADV1 features a lockable, waterproof aluminum cargo box with an internal USB port, providing secure storage for all your gear and accessories. The additional storage space can significantly enhance long-distance travels, allowing you to bring extra equipment or comfort items.
  3. Versatility: The design is suitable for both on-road and off-road trips, making it an ideal companion for adventurers who like to switch terrains.
  4. Compatibility: The trailer is designed to work with a variety of adventure bikes with hollow rear axles, widening its appeal to a diverse range of bikers.
  5. Design and Durability: Made from durable 6061-T6 aluminum, the ADV1 is built to withstand tough conditions while maintaining a lightweight profile.


  1. Price: With a base price around US$6,500, the ADV1 might be a considerable investment for some bikers.
  2. Limited Compatibility: While it is compatible with many adventure bikes, it might not work with every bike model, particularly those without hollow rear axles.
  3. Weight: Even though the ADV1 aims to be lightweight, the pre-production prototype weighs 110 lb (50 kg). If the production model can't shave off some weight, it could add considerable load to the bike, especially on long journeys.
  4. Availability: As of now, Pasq is still fine-tuning the design, with plans to launch the production model in the coming months. Therefore, immediate availability could be an issue for some.
  5. Learning Curve: While the trailer is designed for ease of use, there might be a learning curve, especially at high speeds, for bikers not accustomed to having a trailer attached to their bike.

In conclusion, the Pasq ADV1 offers an innovative solution for bikers seeking extra storage and convenience during their adventures. However, it is essential to consider factors such as price, weight, and compatibility before making a purchase.


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