ONECL INC Presents: The End of Shoelace Troubles

Innovative, Convenient, Safe Shoe Solution

There's a certain undeniable rhythm to an active life. The stretch of muscle, the beat of a heart pounding, the feeling of dirt or pavement beneath your feet, or the whirr of wheels beneath you. The journey is filled with these precious moments that become part of you. But then comes the inevitable interruption, that untied lace. Enter ONECL.

ONECL promises to provide an upgrade to your footwear, and this is a promise it keeps. With its unique dial and guide system, it's all about taking the chore out of shoelaces and placing convenience back in your stride. Your shoes can be securely fastened, or swiftly loosened in a moment's notice, a transformation at your fingertips. One can't help but be impressed by this system's simplicity and practicality.

Let's talk mechanics. The device boasts impressive tensile strength – capable of withstanding quite a load before giving up the ghost. It's an attribute that should provide a sense of security. Add to this, the life cycle, and abrasion tests, which indicate a robust and durable product, built to last for your adventures.

The product’s compact size and light weight ensure that it doesn’t feel like an unnecessary addition to your shoes. The choice of colors is a nice touch as well, giving a bit of customization and style to your pair.

When it comes to fitting, the dial offers an optimal fit that can be controlled with fine details, adapting perfectly to the shape of your feet, thereby making your active life safer and more comfortable.

The installation of the dial and guides is presented as simple and straightforward, a true ‘snap-on and go' sort of deal. However, keep in mind, those who have metal eyelets on their shoes, this might not be your solution.

Kids who find shoelaces a tricky conundrum will find a great companion in ONECL. Their energy is better spent exploring and creating memories rather than struggling with shoelaces.

The various Kickstarter pledges also provide a generous deal, and its availability to ship anywhere in the world is an added benefit. The ONECL team clearly knows what they’re doing, and their dedication to the mission is palpable. With their experience in the industry, they've created something that's a true game changer.

In conclusion, ONECL isn’t just an alternative to tying your shoes, it's an upgrade, a step into the future. It keeps the focus on the trail, the road, the game, or the journey, and less on the mundane task of tying laces. Whether you're a seasoned athlete, a parent of energetic children, or simply someone who values convenience in your active life, ONECL might just be worth a look. It's a small change, but sometimes, it's the small things that make the biggest difference.

Pros of ONECL:

  1. Ease of Use: With its dial and guide system, it simplifies the process of tying shoes, turning it into a one-step, one-hand operation.
  2. Safety: ONECL ensures shoelaces are securely fastened, minimizing the risk of stumbling or getting laces caught in wheels or chains.
  3. Comfort: The adjustable dial allows for a customizable fit, providing more comfort for users.
  4. Durability: Based on the product's max tensile strength and life cycle testing, ONECL seems built to last.
  5. Aesthetics and Personalization: Available in various color options, it can fit the style of any shoes.
  6. Ideal for Kids: This product is perfect for children who may struggle with tying their shoes.
  7. Lightweight and Compact: It won't add unnecessary weight or bulkiness to the shoe.

Cons of ONECL:

  1. Compatibility with Metal Eyelets: The device isn't recommended for use with metal eyelets, potentially limiting its versatility for some footwear styles.
  2. Adhesive Longevity: The durability and strength of the adhesive used to secure the dial over long periods or under adverse conditions is not clarified.
  3. Limited Color Options: As of now, there are only four color choices, potentially limiting for some fashion-conscious consumers.
  4. Learning Curve: While the installation is straightforward, some users may take time to get used to it.
  5. Price: Depending on the consumer’s budget and the value they place on this convenience, the cost could be a potential con.

The price of the ONECL product depends on the Kickstarter pledge level you choose.

  1. Super Early Bird | 1EA: $24
  2. Kickstarter Special | 1EA: $29
  3. Super Early Bird | 2EA: $40
  4. Kickstarter Special | 2EA: $46
  5. Super Early Bird | 5EA: $93
  6. Kickstarter Special | 5EA: $105
  7. Exclusive X10 Pack | 10EA: $190
  8. Launch Day Special | 1EA: $19 (No longer available)

Please note these are the prices during the Kickstarter campaign. The retail price after the campaign ends is set to be $32 for a single unit.

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