Pakmule Scout Cargo Carrier: Storage Solution for Adventurous Souls

Durable, spacious, stable cargo carrier

The moment you decide to escape the mundane, the need for space inevitably enters the scene. The Pakmule Scout Cargo Carrier understands this craving for freedom paired with practical necessity. Designed for adventurers, weekenders, and spontaneous day-trippers alike, it lends you that bit of extra room you often find yourself needing once the car starts packing up.

Crafted meticulously in the USA, every inch of the Scout resonates with the spirit of durability and reliability. With its robust aluminum construction, not only does it elegantly sidestep the perennial issues of chipping and rusting, but it also carries the commendable trait of being environmentally considerate, thanks to its 70% recycled content. It's a piece of equipment built not just for today's expeditions but also with an eye on tomorrow's world.

What catches the eye about the Scout is its sheer simplicity and efficiency. Weighing a mere 37 pounds, it's a lightweight companion that doesn’t compromise on strength, effortlessly shouldering up to 500 pounds of your precious cargo. Its pipe construction isn’t just there for the aesthetics; it's a practical choice that makes securing equipment straightforward and hassle-free.

Round and smooth, the edges of the Scout are designed keeping in mind both the cargo and you. The gentle curves ensure that there are no unfortunate tears or bruises as you navigate around it, moving and managing your gear. And speaking of gear, the built-in floor isn’t just a passive base; it actively transforms into a workstation where you can sort and arrange your equipment.

Driving with added cargo often brings the image of a wobbly, unstable load. The Scout elegantly dances around this issue with its patented anti-wobble hitch. It ensures that while the journey might be long and winding, your cargo stays stable and secure, almost like a trusted companion quietly watching your back as you explore the unknown.

Compatibility, a concern for many, isn’t something you need to lose sleep over with the Scout. Its universal design gracefully fits any vehicle armed with a 2-inch receiver hitch, making it a versatile ally for your SUVs, trucks, vans, and more. However, a quick note for the owners of specific 2023 models, some additional purchases might be necessary to ensure the perfect fit.

With the Scout, every detail, no matter how minute, has been considered and crafted with care and attention. This isn’t just a carrier; it's a statement, a commitment to quality, and a nod to the environment. At $695, it's not just about buying a product; it's about investing in reliability, durability, and a piece of equipment that understands your need for adventure and space.

In the grand tapestry of life's adventures, the Scout is more than just a carrier; it's a silent partner, an enabler of dreams and an ally in the pursuit of the horizon. It’s not just any hitch rack. It’s a Pakmule. And it awaits, ready to take on the open roads with you.


  1. Durable Construction: Made from robust aluminum, the Scout is resistant to chipping and rusting, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  2. Eco-Friendly: With 70% of its construction utilizing recycled aluminum, it’s a product designed with sustainability in mind.
  3. Anti-Wobble Design: The patented anti-wobble hitch provides stability for your cargo during transit, preventing movement and potential damage.
  4. Universal Compatibility: Designed to fit any vehicle with a 2-inch receiver hitch, it offers versatility for users with different vehicles.
  5. Easy to Use: The pipe construction and rounded edges not only make it easy to secure equipment but also easy to handle without the risk of injuries or damage to clothing.
  6. Lightweight Yet Strong: Weighing 37 pounds, it is easy to handle, but it can carry a substantial load of up to 500 pounds.
  7. Built-In Floor: The floor serves as a workstation for sorting gear, with drilled holes that allow for the expulsion of water, snow, and sand, keeping your cargo dry and secure.
  8. Made in the USA: Supporting local craftsmanship and employment, it’s built to high standards with quality materials and ethical labor practices.


  1. Assembly Required: Some assembly is needed upon purchase, which might be inconvenient for some users.
  2. Potential Compatibility Issues: Owners of specific vehicle models (2023 Jeep Wranglers, 2023 Toyota Sequoias, 2023 Lexus LX600, 2022 or later Toyota Tundras, and Porsche Cayennes) might face compatibility issues or need to purchase additional parts.
  3. Price: Retailing at $695, the price might be steep for some potential buyers looking for a more economical cargo solution.
  4. No Lock Included: While it features a solid design to attach to your hitch, an automotive-grade lock needs to be purchased separately for extra security.
  5. Limited Accessory Compatibility: It is only compatible with specific accessories (Bike Bit, Rod Holders, MULEstraps, Cinch Lock, Scout Hitchin Post), which might limit its functionality for some users.
  6. Size Limitations: With outside dimensions of 56″ x 29″ x 6″ and interior dimensions of 54″ x 27″ x 3.5″, it may not accommodate larger or awkwardly shaped items efficiently.


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