Ontario SP-10 Raider Bowie: Experience the Unmatched Durability of 1075 Carbon Steel

Durable, Full-Tang, Carbon Steel Knife

A beautiful relic of a time forgotten, yet not lost, the Ontario SP-10 Raider Bowie invites its bearer to plunge into the heart of wilderness. This modern tactical avatar of the classic Wild West bowie knives, carrying an innate weight to its being, guides your hand to master the primal art of chopping. As you hold it, you can't help but admire the rugged elegance of its design – a testimony to its country of origin, the United States, where it is meticulously handcrafted.

Ah, and that blade. 24.6 centimeters of 1075 carbon steel with a dark coating that makes it a steadfast companion in the harshest of environments. Its hardness, at 59 HRC, coupled with a generous 6.7mm thickness, allows it to handle tasks with such stoic resilience, it's almost awe-inspiring. What's better? You can touch up its sharpness on your own, even while wandering through the wilderness.

It's not just about the blade, though. The handle is an extension of your own resolve, running full-tang through the length, lending balance, stability, and a comforting sturdiness to your grip. Encased in a Kraton shell, it's not only ergonomic but also resistant to wear and tear. A strategically placed steel finger guard ensures your grip remains firm and steady, even when your adventure takes a slippery turn.

The SP-10 Raider Bowie isn't complete without its trusty nylon sheath. A resilient protective cloak that can accommodate wide belts up to 7cm and is MOLLE compatible, offering a versatile range of carry options to suit your needs.

Born under the diligent craftsmanship of the renowned Ontario Knife Company, a manufacturer steeped in over 125 years of tradition, the SP-10 Raider Bowie exemplifies a lifelong commitment to superior quality. It serves not just as a survival tool, but a trusted companion, whether you're a seasoned outdoorsman or someone with an appreciation for the tactical and survival arts.

Now, to the point. At €99.95, you might wonder if this Bowie is worth your investment. My advice? This knife is not just a tool; it's a statement, a story waiting to be told. When you purchase the SP-10, you're not just buying a knife, but a piece of history, a tangible testament to an age of rugged individuality and untamed wilderness. Take it with you, and write your own chapters of exploration, survival, and adventure. Because, my friends, this knife isn't just made for anyone; it's made for those who choose to tread the path less traveled.


  1. Robust Material and Design: The SP-10 Raider Bowie's 1075 carbon steel blade and Kraton handle are extremely durable, ensuring the knife can withstand tough conditions and tasks.
  2. Ease of Sharpening: The 1075 carbon steel used in the blade can be easily sharpened, even while out in the field, which is a big plus for those using it in remote or wilderness areas.
  3. Ergonomic Handle: The full-tang handle, encased in Kraton, a rubber-like material, offers excellent grip, making the knife comfortable to use over prolonged periods.
  4. Versatile Sheath: The knife comes with a MOLLE-compatible nylon sheath, which can accommodate wide belts. This offers a range of carrying options, depending on the user's needs.
  5. Lifetime Warranty: The product comes with a lifetime warranty on materials and manufacturing defects, highlighting the manufacturer's confidence in its durability and longevity.


  1. Weight: Weighing 625 grams, the knife might be considered heavy for some users, particularly for extended periods of use.
  2. Size: The blade length of 24.6 cm might make the knife cumbersome for those looking for a more compact tool.
  3. Blade Coating: The dark coating on the blade may wear off over time, especially with heavy usage, affecting the overall aesthetic of the knife.
  4. Carbon Steel Maintenance: While the 1075 carbon steel blade is tough and easy to sharpen, it requires more maintenance than stainless steel to prevent rusting and corrosion.
  5. Price: For some, the price tag of €99.95 might be a deterrent, particularly for those on a tight budget or for those who do not plan to use the knife frequently.


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