Mondraker Crusher 2024: The Future-Forward eMTB Experience Awaits!

Powerful, Agile, Enduring, Innovative, Rugged

Woven into the ribbons of dirt and gravel, etched into the slopes and turns of the mountains, there’s an inherent desire. The symbiotic dance between rider and machine, the pursuit of adrenaline–it is an endeavor not for the faint of heart, and certainly not for those unwilling to embrace the wild undulations of nature and technology. The introduction of Mondraker’s 2024 Crusher lures the adventurous with the promise of not just embracing, but enhancing, this delicate dance, binding machine and nature into a seamless, adrenaline-pumping symphony.

The open trail calls, not just a path, but a challenge, littered with rocks, twists, turns, and the tales of past rides. And the Crusher, in its elegantly fierce form, whispers promises of conquered trails and unrestrained adventures with a subtle, yet profound confidence. Through the winding dirt paths, its 150mm rear wheel travel and a robust 29-inch wheelset echo stability, while the 160mm fork assures you of a comfortable ride through the most treacherous terrains. A hybrid of sorts, it blends the agility of Mondraker’s CRAFTY with an undeniably fierce aesthetic, embodying a presence that compels one to dive into the unknown, fearlessly, tirelessly.

Power is nothing without control, and this electric mountain bike (eMTB) is no stranger to control. Its Shimano EP801 Drive Unit not only offers a laudable maximum torque but also introduces riders to an experience where power meets precision, offering a resolute promise of extended escapades into the wild, thanks to its larger 750-Watt-hour battery. But what’s power without the ability to harness it effectively? The bike delicately intertwines robust power with reliable control, featuring potent four-piston brakes, augmented by substantial rotors ensuring that the rider has a capable, confident performance in their grasp, a reign over the wild terrains that few can boast.

Every aspect of the Crusher whispers of bespoke adventure, and it doesn’t just stop at the mechanics. Each build model, from the standard to the RR, is an ode to Mondraker’s commitment to providing a steed worthy of the rider's unrestrained ambitions. The Standard Crusher, with its Fox 38 Performance fork and Sram GX Eagle chainset, offers a trustworthy partner on the trails, promising a well-balanced ride and precise shifting capabilities, all without forcing the adventurer to gaze too mournfully at their wallet.

For those seeking a more premium experience, the Crusher R does not disappoint. It brings with it an elevated riding experience, featuring top-tier components like the Ohlins RXF 38 M.2 fork and Sram X01 Eagle groupset, ensuring precision and smooth gear changes whilst gallivanting through the wild, with its Bronze Stealth Brakes standing ready to temper the beast’s vigorous power when called upon.

The Crusher RR, however, is where the zenith of eMTB offerings is not just met, but defined. Integrating the innovative Shimano Deore XT Di2 electronic groupset and a standout Shimano EP801 motor, the RR doesn’t merely whisper promises of adventures; it roars them. The agile Mavic E-Deemax S carbon wheelset, the formidable Ohlins suspension, and the revolutionary Free Shift function coalesce into a machine where every detail screams unrestrained, unbridled adventure, encouraging the rider to not just confront the trails, but to command them.

Steeped in the legacy of its 2017 predecessor, the new Crusher is not merely a machine, but a commitment—a pledge to every adventurer that Mondraker is as devoted to their journeys as they are. It stands as a testament that when machine and trail meet, it isn’t just the dirt that shifts beneath the wheels, but the very heart of the rider, echoing the untamed spirit of the adventure that lies ahead.

So, to you, the wanderer, the adrenaline-seeker, the one who finds solace in the rugged arms of the trails, the 2024 Crusher doesn’t simply offer a ride. It extends an invitation. To seek. To conquer. To become one with the wild, and to find, in the undulating paths of the untamed, not just a trail, but a story, a journey where every turn, every hill, and every daring descent is a chapter yet to be written. And in the whispering winds of the open trails, your story awaits. Will you ride to tell it?


  1. Powerful Motor: The Shimano EP801 Drive Unit offers a significant 85Nm of torque, ensuring robust and consistent power delivery on all terrains.
  2. Generous Battery Life: With a 720Wh battery, the Crusher offers extended adventures, allowing riders to explore farther and ride longer on a single charge.
  3. Versatile Offerings: The three distinct build models (Crusher, Crusher R, Crusher RR) cater to different budget ranges and performance needs, providing options for varied rider demands.
  4. High-End Componentry: Across all models, the Crusher features high-quality parts like the Fox and Öhlins suspension and SRAM and Shimano drivetrains, ensuring peak performance and durability.
  5. Innovative Features: The top model, Crusher RR, employs Shimano’s Free Shift technology, allowing gear changes even without pedaling – a handy feature in technical terrains.
  6. Built for Endurance: Targeted at aggressive enduro riding, the Crusher has 150mm rear and 160mm front suspension, ensuring it can handle tough, technical terrains effectively.
  7. Aesthetics and Design: Retaining the design essence of the Crafty Carbon, the Crusher adheres to a recognized and proven aesthetic, appealing to those familiar with Mondraker's design language.
  8. Effective Suspension System: Employing Mondraker’s Zero Suspension System, the Crusher aims to offer optimal performance in both climbing and descending conditions.


  1. Price: The pricing, particularly for the premium Crusher RR model, may be a barrier for some potential buyers, limiting its accessibility to enthusiasts or professional riders.
  2. Weight Considerations: Although the exact weight of the bikes is not mentioned, eMTBs generally tend to be heavier than their non-electric counterparts, which might be a drawback for some users in terms of portability and handling.
  3. Complex Technology: The advanced features, especially in the Crusher RR, might present a learning curve for riders unfamiliar with electronic groupsets and additional technological features.
  4. Limited Customization: While there are three models available, there might be limited options for riders looking to customize components and specs based on their unique riding style and needs.
  5. Battery Dependence: As with any e-bike, riders must be mindful of battery life during extended rides to prevent being left without assistance far from their starting point.

The Mondraker Crusher line seems poised to offer an exciting blend of power, technology, and build quality for eMTB enthusiasts. While catering to varied preferences with its three distinct builds, it offers something for the technology-savvy, performance-oriented rider while ensuring robust and reliable builds across all price points.

From $8,699

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