Ohvale GP-2: Power and Performance in One Machine

Power meets Precision

The exhilaration of the open road, the wind whistling past your helmet, and the raw connection between rider and machine – there are few experiences that can match it. And the Ohvale GP-2 is a ride that promises to serve up these experiences by the bucketload. It's not a mere motorcycle; it's an invitation to a lifestyle filled with adventure, adrenaline, and excitement.

This GP-2 is an entirely new beast from Ohvale, designed with the advanced rider in mind. Let me tell you, it's built to impress. It's a masterclass in engineering with a new chassis and swingarm, purposefully elongated to accommodate the snazzy 12″ wheels, and to bring better balance and responsiveness.

The highlight, in my opinion, has to be the new positioning of the engine and the swingarm pivot. A detail like this might not be the flashiest, but it demonstrates the meticulous thought process of the Ohvale team. By refining the bike's center of gravity and correcting the chain force, they've made a machine that behaves like an extension of the rider. It's a mechanical ballet between steel and sinew, where every movement translates into fluid motoring.

The GP-2 has been graced with improved brakes and a full adjustability option for the front fork, which promises an even more customized riding experience. And this bike has proved its mettle, shaving a whopping 1-2 seconds off each lap during tests. Imagine that raw power and performance between your legs, fueling your need for speed.

The collaboration with Spanish company J.Juan for the braking system adds a further international flare to this ride. The brakes now pack more power and have been designed for greater resistance. So whether you're cruising down the highways or zipping through the city's labyrinth, you're in control.

And while we're talking about control, let's not forget the revamped ergonomics. The footrests, seating position, and the half-handlebars have all been tweaked for comfort and performance. The result? A ride that fits you like a glove, inviting you to push the boundaries and truly engage with the experience.

Powering this beast is the reliable Daytona 190 4-speed engine, chosen to ensure this new model easily integrates into the existing racing scene. This engine might be a familiar face, but when matched with the GP-2's upgrades, it takes on an entirely new character.

The various color options of the GP-2 are the cherry on top. Whether you're into a classic Black/Yellow, a fiery White/Red, a serene Blue/Orange, or a subtle Grey/Orange, the GP-2 lets you make a style statement.

The Ohvale GP-2 isn't just a motorcycle; it's an experience. It's a blend of power, design, and an unquenchable spirit of adventure that promises to make every ride an unforgettable one. If you're an advanced rider looking for a bike that can match your prowess and passion, this might just be the ride for you. So grab your helmet and embrace the thrill that is the Ohvale GP-2. The open road is waiting.


  1. Improved Chassis and Swingarm: The Ohvale GP-2 features an entirely new chassis and swingarm, both elongated to accommodate the new 12″ wheels. This modification has optimized the bike’s center of gravity and improved chain force, leading to enhanced stability and performance.
  2. Revamped Brakes: The upgraded braking system, developed in collaboration with Spanish company J.Juan, offers better braking power and resistance. It's a big plus for safety and control during high-speed runs.
  3. Front Fork Upgrade: There's an option to upgrade to a fully adjustable front fork, allowing riders to tailor the bike's suspension to their riding style and the conditions of the road.
  4. Proven Performance: The GP-2 is reported to be 1-2 seconds faster per lap during testing and development. This is a testament to its speed and efficiency.
  5. Improved Ergonomics: The seating position, footrests, and handlebars have been adjusted for comfort and performance, which should significantly improve the riding experience.
  6. Reliable Engine: The GP-2 uses the trusted Daytona 190 4-speed engine, a reliable choice that facilitates integration into existing racing activities.
  7. Price: Priced at $6,749, the GP-2 provides advanced features and a high-quality build for its price range.


  1. Advanced Rider Requirement: With its powerful engine and advanced features, the GP-2 is designed for experienced riders. For beginners or casual riders, this could be an overwhelming choice.
  2. Limited Accessibility: The GP-2 is a specialty motorcycle, which could mean limited availability. It might be difficult to find and purchase in certain regions.
  3. Maintenance Needs: The GP-2 has a more complex design and advanced features compared to more basic models, which might require more specialized and potentially costly maintenance.
  4. Fuel Efficiency: The GP-2 is a performance bike designed for speed, and it's unlikely to deliver great fuel efficiency. For long-distance travel or regular use, the fuel costs could add up.


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