Classified Powershift Technology: Mastering the Art of Instant Shifting

Instant, Versatile, Durable Cycling Innovation

Ah, the allure of speed, the thrill of the chase, the poetry of motion – all on the open road. The Powershift Technology is a tangible testament to the marvels of innovation, revving up the heartbeats of those who thrive on two wheels.

This wireless shifting system is poetry in motion. The very act of shifting gears becomes a matter of precision, as seamless as an instinctive reaction. Imagine this: under full load, you shift in an instant, 150 milliseconds to be exact. Now, that's speed that would outclass the blink of an eye.

It's a dance of mechanics where the Powershift hub plays the maestro. It offers unparalleled shift quality with a high gearing range and small steps between gears. This harmonious marriage of attributes makes it stand out in a crowded room of traditional 2x systems.

This technology holds its ground across varied terrains. For the road, triathlon, and time trials, it delivers shift performance, efficiency, and aerodynamics that are truly unprecedented. You take it to gravel and it's just as dependable, ensuring reliable shifts amidst all conditions. And for mountain biking, the Powershift keeps your momentum alive during steep climbs and challenging transitions.

Let's talk about ultimate gear coverage. We're speaking 24 gears, small steps, and a spectacular 530% of gearing range. Such a suite of options ensures you always have the right gear for every road, for every condition. And all this power comes packed in a package as light or lighter than a traditional electronic groupset.

For those who love to venture into the elements, Powershift's got you covered. Dirt, rain, and even the occasional splash won't faze this reliable beast. It's waterproof, ready to weather the elements alongside you, a true companion on the road.

The shift in thinking is evident in the Classified Powershift, adapting itself to different cycling pursuits: road, gravel, mountain, urban, triathlon, and time trials. Its ability to outperform traditional systems, reliable gear shifts, or the utility of shifting even while standing still for urban riders, indeed, it’s a technological marvel that beckons every cycling enthusiast.

Durability? Classified has that covered. High grade, one piece steel cassette, larger chainring, and a shorter derailleur cage combine to make your drivetrain last longer and perform better.

The whole setup feels intuitive. A satellite shift button triggers the shift, wirelessly connecting with the Smart Thru Axle. It uses contactless energy transfer to instruct the Powershift hub to shift between two ratios. You'll find this mechanism similar to shifting between big and small chainring in a front derailrailleurs.

So, here's to innovation, to speed, to the sublime pleasure of a smooth ride. Here's to the Powershift Technology, a beacon for cyclists. It's not just about pushing boundaries, it's about powering through them. The hub's lifespan even exceeds the lifespan of a bicycle's internal systems – a true testament to its robustness and resilience.

More gears, smaller steps, increased durability. Welcome to the future of cycling, my friends. It's here, it's now, it's Powershift. Let's get rolling.


  1. Instant Shifting: The Powershift system offers swift gear shifts under full load within 150 milliseconds, promoting a fluid and seamless riding experience.
  2. Ultimate Gear Coverage: With 24 unique gears and a 530% gearing range, the Powershift ensures a versatile gear selection for diverse riding conditions.
  3. Durability: The use of a high grade, one piece steel cassette and larger chainring enhances the overall durability and longevity of the drivetrain.
  4. Versatility: The Powershift Technology is adaptable across various cycling pursuits such as road, gravel, mountain, and urban biking, making it a versatile investment for cyclists with diverse interests.
  5. Waterproof: The system's waterproof feature ensures reliable performance across diverse weather conditions, without worrying about dirt or rain.
  6. Competitive Weight: Despite its impressive features, Powershift remains light, often lighter than traditional electronic groupsets, ensuring no added burden on the rider.
  7. Maintenance-free: The Classified hub has a lifespan that exceeds that of a bicycle's internal systems, requires no maintenance, and only its bearings, subject to normal wear, need to be replaced.


  1. Price: Starting at €1,299, the Powershift Technology comes at a relatively high cost, making it a significant investment for the average cyclist.
  2. Compatibility: Depending on the specific bicycle setup, there might be potential compatibility issues with some bikes or components.
  3. Learning Curve: Despite its ease of use, new users might face a learning curve while adapting to the instant shifting mechanism and the broad range of gear options.
  4. Dependence on Electronics: While the wireless system adds to the convenience, any malfunction in the electronics could potentially leave the rider without the ability to shift gears.
  5. Battery Life: As with any electronic device, the need to keep the system charged could pose an inconvenience during longer rides, especially in areas without easy access to power.

These pros and cons offer a balanced perspective on the Powershift Technology, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether it suits your specific needs and circumstances.

Starting €1,299

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