NuBike More efficient than chain-drive bikes?

For as long as most people today remember, bikes have always made use of a system of pedals, sprockets, and chains to move. 

Nubike does things differently. There are no chains and sprockets. Pedaling in a circular motion is replaced with a pumping action.

There are no greasy chains to deal with and Nubike claims their bikes are easier on the knees. 

Levers run from the pedals to the rear hub. Push down on one of the pedals and the other goes up and the bicycle moves. Because the levers are so long, there’s less force to push down compared to conventional pedal-and-chain systems.

However, many have tried to reinvent cycling and for over 100 years, many have failed. It’s harder today for this type of bike to get traction because people have lost faith in systems other than what is commonly used today. 

If you think this time will be different and you want to support the project, head over to Kickstarter.

Nubike viewed from the side

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