This Shoe is Made Entirely out of Plants – The Plant Shoe

We wanted a shoe that was seasonless, genderless, and adaptable to any situation

Biodegrable Plant Shoe

The Plant Shoe is the World's first shoe made entirely out of plant based materials.

There are petroleum-based materials used. Even the glue is water-based, reinforced by stitching and olive oil.

What's cool about it is that it suits both men and women. The Plant shoe is genderless they say. 

The Plant Shoe, 100% by the Earth, for the Earth. Made singularly from plant based components, the sneaker has 100% zero-waste biodegradability, is aerobically compostable and is Certified Animal Free. 

Native Shoes’ breakthrough innovation takes a classic court silhouette, and renders it through time-consuming, time-honoured methods at our partner factory in Portugal. 

The Plant Shoe is comprised of all natural parts – a proprietary pineapple and organic cotton blend upper, olive oil jute stitchwork, eucalyptus strobel board, cork midsole and pure hevea latex outsole – all working in combination to provide timeless style and a sustainable endgame. 


  • Made entirely out of plants
  • Sustainable
  • Biodegradable
  • Genderless


  • No color options
  • Currently limited to one design


The Plant Shoe is for people who care about the environment of those who simply love plants and want everything to be plant-themed.

It's not for running or anything like that. It makes a great everyday shoe for both men and women.

Would love to have color options or custom designs on this plain shoe. Maybe one can use a sharpie and customize it. 

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