NIKE Tiger Woods ’13 Golf Shoes – rereleasing a Tiger retro

An iconic ahead-of-its-time game-changer

The Nike Tiger Woods '13 Golf Shoes are designed to provide comfort, stability, and performance on the golf course. They are part of a signature line of golf shoes endorsed by Tiger Woods, who is widely regarded as one of the best players in the history of the sport.

The shoes are made with a synthetic leather upper that is water-resistant and durable, and a Phylon midsole that provides cushioning and support. The outsole features Nike's Integrated Traction technology, which uses a series of small, protruding nubs to provide grip and stability on the course. The outsole is also designed to be flexible, allowing for a natural range of motion during the golf swing.

The shoe's design includes a classic look with a white and black color scheme and subtle branding. It also features Tiger Woods' logo on the heel.

In addition to their functional features, the Nike Tiger Woods '13 Golf Shoes are also designed to be stylish and versatile, suitable for both on-course and off-course wear.

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