Nike ACG Watercat+: Embrace the Elements with Unparalleled Grip and Quick-dry Design

Explorer's Footwear Masterpiece

The new Nike ACG Watercat+ is certainly a creature of fascination. These are shoes for the adventurers and the wanderers, those who can't resist the call of the water and the promise of a splash. These shoes take the saying, “water off a duck's back,” and run with it, translating it into a design that makes a mockery of getting wet.

Their raison d'être is their predilection for water. Each component is optimized for the aqua life. The upper, minimalist, constructed of non-wicking cords, is a tribute to Nike's long tradition in woven shoes. The knit cords are designed not just for breathability, but to endure the rough and tumble of river days, and whether you're sporting socks or going bare, comfort is non-negotiable.

Nike, in its wisdom, retained the quick-entry lacing system from the original, providing easy access while upping the ante on the shoe's overall structure and fit. As someone who believes in the beauty of continuous improvement, this tweak certainly appeals to me.

And the outsole – oh, the outsole! They've developed a mixed-rubber monster with undulating lugs that provide an obscene amount of traction. Slippery rocks, treacherous trails, or an impromptu city exploration – the Watercat+ handles it all with a grip that would give a sucker fish a complex.

This particular specimen is available in shades that echo the heart of the great outdoors – Gridiron/Black/Summit White/Bright Mandarin and Phantom/Summit White/Dark Russet/Light Orewood Brown. Each hue and shade brings to mind landscapes that are calling out to be explored, an urge these shoes cater to perfectly.

The silhouette is crafted beautifully, right down to the pull tabs that segue smoothly from the shoe body for a clean, streamlined look. The drop-in midsole adds a sandal-like feel, cradling your foot in comfort while ensuring it stays secure and supported.

At $125, these shoes are an investment in adventures, a ticket to cross boundaries, and an invitation to embrace the elements with open arms. To all the voyagers, urban escape artists, and dedicated disciples of the outdoors, the Nike ACG Watercat+ is not just a shoe; it's an embodiment of the spirit of exploration and a testament to human ingenuity. Trust me, these shoes can handle the flow. Can you?


  1. Water-friendly Design: The Nike ACG Watercat+ is constructed to favor the water lover. Its quick-drying, non-wicking cords make it ideal for water-based adventures, providing breathability while keeping the shoe lightweight.
  2. Enhanced Traction: With its mixed-rubber outsole and undulating lugs, the shoe offers exceptional grip, providing security on slippery terrains, from river rocks to muddy trails.
  3. Improved Structure and Fit: The quick-entry lacing system combined with an improved overall shoe structure promises a better, more comfortable fit, essential for long days of exploration.
  4. Versatility: This shoe is designed for all conditions, as the name suggests. Whether it's a rocky mountain hike or a city trek, the Watercat+ is adaptable and capable.
  5. Design Aesthetics: The streamlined look, with color options that reflect the great outdoors, make these shoes a stylish addition to your gear. The woven upper gives a nod to Nike's heritage, adding an element of nostalgia.


  1. Price: At $125, the Nike ACG Watercat+ is certainly not the cheapest option on the market. This could be a deterrent for those looking for budget-friendly footwear.
  2. Material Durability: While the non-wicking cords are great for breathability and water-friendliness, there may be concerns about their durability compared to more robust materials, particularly for those engaging in extreme outdoor activities.
  3. Fit: The quick-entry lacing system, while convenient, may not provide the same level of secure fit as traditional laces, especially for those with unique foot shapes or sizes.
  4. Sand-like Feel: The drop-in midsole creates a sandal-like feel which, although comfortable for some, may not be preferred by everyone, especially those used to a more traditional, cushioned running shoe feel.
  5. Limited Color Options: While the color choices are in tune with the nature-inspired theme, there may not be enough variety for those looking for more vibrant or diverse color options.


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