MWC P656 2023 Titanium Tactical Series Watch: Precision and Durability for Every Adventurer

Durable. Luminous. Precision. Titanium. Tactical

Wandering through the busy markets of Bangkok or taking in the sunrise atop Machu Picchu, the importance of time – and a reliable instrument to track it – becomes keenly felt. Enter the MWC P656 2023 Model Titanium Tactical Series Watch. Crafted with an adventurer's needs in mind, it's a timepiece that speaks of durability, precision, and style.

Housed in a solid titanium case and bezel, this watch's design traces its roots back to the mid-1990s, with an essence of nostalgia but boasting modern upgrades. A notable improvement from its predecessors, the timepiece has transitioned from the Polyamide case of the P650 to this resilient titanium avatar.

Timekeeping, especially when you're navigating through unknown terrains, requires absolute clarity. With its high-visibility numerals and a dial that remains unambiguous even in the trickiest light conditions, this watch promises just that. The brilliance of the Swiss Tritium GTLS ensures that the watch's luminosity outshines any conventional counterpart.

For those of us who are always on the move, facing unpredicted situations, the shatter-resistant sapphire crystal offers the promise of longevity. The appeal of sapphire, aside from its sheer aesthetic charm, lies in its unparalleled strength. Treated to remove internal stresses and coated twice for anti-reflective purposes, this is a material not just for the suave city slicker but for the daredevils and the adventurers. And yes, the same sapphire finds its way onto the latest iPhones, showcasing its modern appeal.

Powered by the Ronda high precision Quartz Movement, the watch isn’t just about looking good. It promises an astounding ten-year battery life. And if you ever find yourself questioning the battery's lifespan, an end-of-battery-life indicator is at your service.

A unique feature, setting this watch apart from many on the market, is its ability to maintain accuracy even at dizzying altitudes of up to 40,000ft, without any compensatory pressurization. Whether you're scaling mountains or exploring the deep blue sea – the 300m water resistance ensures it’s equipped for all terrains and adventures.

Now, I can't ignore the radioactive tritium symbol gracing the dial. There's something edgy about wearing an element that's radioactive. But rest assured, it's within safe limits as per the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The MWC P656 is more than just a watch; it’s a testament to the spirit of exploration. Designed keeping in mind the needs of law enforcement, marine, and airborne applications, it caters to those who demand more from their timepiece. The rugged design paired with advanced features makes it suitable for both the urban jungle and the vast wilderness.

All said, for $382, it's a piece that offers functionality, resilience, and elegance. Time, after all, is the one true luxury. So, why not keep it with a watch that's truly remarkable? Safe travels and may your time always be well spent.


  1. Titanium Case and Bezel: This ensures durability and lightweight wear, making it ideal for long-term use and potentially rough conditions.
  2. Upgraded Design: Based on designs from the mid-1990s, it maintains a nostalgic aesthetic while incorporating modern improvements.
  3. Shatter-Resistant Sapphire Crystal: Adds significant durability and is resistant to scratches, making the watch suited for outdoor activities and rugged environments.
  4. Water Resistance of 300m: This level of water resistance is substantial, ensuring the watch can handle not just splashes but also deeper water exposures, making it versatile for marine environments.
  5. Swiss Tritium GTLS: Offers brighter luminosity compared to conventional watches, which enhances visibility in low light conditions.
  6. Long Battery Life: With a 10-year battery life, users won’t need frequent replacements, making it convenient for long-term use.
  7. High Precision Quartz Movement: Ensures accurate timekeeping, which is crucial for professionals and adventurers alike.
  8. Performance at High Altitudes: The ability to maintain accuracy up to 40,000ft without compensatory pressurization is a unique feature for those engaged in high-altitude activities.


  1. Not a Dedicated Diving Watch: Despite its substantial water resistance, it's not primarily designed for diving, which might be a limitation for professional divers.
  2. Radioactive Tritium: While within safe limits, the presence of a radioactive element might be a concern for some potential buyers.
  3. Price: Priced at $382, it might be considered expensive for those on a budget or those who are looking for basic features in a watch.

Overall, the MWC P656 Titanium Tactical Series Watch seems to be tailored for individuals with specific needs, especially those in tactical fields, marine environments, or extreme outdoor activities. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons based on individual preferences and requirements.


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