MSR PocketRocket Deluxe: Ultralight Marvel with Rapid 3-Minute Boil Time

Ultralight, Efficient, Durable, Compact, Versatile

It’s hard not to admire a tool that does its job with such efficiency and grace, especially when it’s built for the world's adventurers. Those who embrace the wild, taking only what they can carry, will appreciate the MSR PocketRocket Deluxe.

An evolution of its predecessor, the PocketRocket 2, the Deluxe offers some intriguing enhancements. Though weighing just a touch more (the weight of two nickels, to be precise), the Deluxe compensates with a suite of features that make it a true companion for the road less traveled. The broader burner with its wind-blocking lip ensures that the elements, however persistent, won’t stand between you and a warm meal. As someone who has often found himself battling nature’s whims, I can attest to the value of such resilience.

But it's not just about boiling water; it's about doing it right. The pressure regulator built into the Deluxe means consistent boil and simmer capabilities, even in cold weather or when your fuel is running low. Picture being high up in the mountains, the cold biting at your fingers, and still being able to rely on your stove to bring your water to a quick boil in just over 3 minutes. That's reliability you can stake your next adventure on.

The addition of a push-start ignition speaks to the simplicity that one often seeks in the outdoors. No more fumbling for lighters or matches. In a place where every second can count, the PocketRocket Deluxe delivers.

Its compact design, mere 2.9 ounces of weight, and efficient fuel use make it a worthy addition to any mountaineer or ultralight backpacker's kit. And with a carry bag included, it’s evident that thought has gone into its portability. The metal build, durable push-start igniter, and a wider burner head for heat distribution emphasize both form and function.

Lastly, price point matters. At $84.95, given its robust capabilities and the trust MSR inspires, the PocketRocket Deluxe strikes a balance between premium functionality and value.

To the trailblazers, the wanderers, and those who find solace in the embrace of the wild: the MSR PocketRocket Deluxe is more than just a stove. It's a promise of warmth, nourishment, and the simple joy of a meal cooked in the heart of nature.


  1. Ultralight & Compact: Weighing in at just 2.9 ounces and with dimensions of 3.3 x 2.2 x 1.8 inches, it’s incredibly portable.
  2. Efficient Boil Time: Averages 3 minutes and 18 seconds to boil 1 liter of water.
  3. Push-Start Ignition: The reliable piezo lighting means no need for external lighters or matches.
  4. Broad Burner with Wind Protection: The wider burner with wind-blocking features ensures better wind resistance, making it more versatile in challenging conditions.
  5. Pressure Regulator: Offers consistent boil and simmer capabilities, even in cold weather or when fuel is running low. This provides faster boil times than non-regulated stoves.
  6. Price Point: Priced at $84.95, it balances between functionality and value, given its features.
  7. Simmer Control: Provides flexibility in cooking, preventing burning or sticking of food like oatmeal or mac and cheese.
  8. Durable Materials: The metal construction ensures it's robust for outdoor adventures.


  1. Slightly Heavier than the PocketRocket 2: Even though it’s by a marginal weight of two nickels, it still weighs more than its predecessor.
  2. Fuel Bottle/Canister Not Included: This adds to the overall cost and requires separate purchase.
  3. Limited Warranty: A three-year limited warranty might be seen as short for some hardcore outdoor enthusiasts.
  4. Single Burner: Only one burner is present, which might limit cooking options for some.


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