Morfboard Modular Skate and Scoot Combo

Kids playing the scooter and skateboard morfboard

There are worse problems to have than to choose between a skateboard and a kick scooter. Morfboard solves this problem by giving you the option to switch between a skateboard, kick scooter, balance board, or a bouncy board.

Jack of all trades

The Morfboard changes into one form to another by changing out the “Xtensions”. Xtensions are parts that you can swap on the board without tools. 

A Morfboard is not the best skateboard or scooter for its price but they're not too bad.

Kids like the Morfboard

Based on the reviews of the Morfboard on Target and Amazon, it seems kids are happy with it. Not only is it fun, it attracts the attention of other kids. Parents are happy too because their kids are spending more time outside because of it.

But, the Morfboard is not without complaints.

Problems with the Morfboard

Quality Issues

At almost $100, the quality of Morfboard is sub-standard. One guy bought it as a birthday gift for his son and it broke within a week.

Another buyer reports the handle bar broke the first day when older kids played with it. See above the video where adults play with the Morfboard. It seems to able to hold up to abuse.

Also, the wheels do not spin freely according to one user.

It doesn’t turn like a normal kick scooter

Unlike normal kick scooters, the Morfboard in scooter mode still turns like a skateboard. The handlebar does not turn at all. You turn by leaning or by putting weight on the side you want to turn.

Not all included

You would think the Morfboard would include all the parts you see on the sales page as some buyers did. But the set only includes the board, scooter parts, and skateboard parts.

Ease of Use

Assembly is so easy, even kids can explain how to do it in simple terms. Simply line up the parts to the triangle and turn to lock. No tools required. They call this “technology” the LRT – Lock and Release Technology.

Who is it for?

Morfboard is designed for kids ages 8 and above. The handle is about 30” high from the board.

It’s the “Worst New Skate Monstrosity of the Summer”

It’s no surprise that dedicated skateboarders hate the Morfboard. According to Jenkenmag, it’s the “worst skateboard knock off since Ripstiks.”

But Jenkenmag didn’t mention why the Morfboard sucks. Is it because it’s made of plastic? Is it the bearings? Are there safety issues?

Update: This product is no longer available

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