Monkeyfeet attach dumbbells to your feet

More uses for your dumbbells

Dumbbells are usually only used with your hands. But with the Monkeyfeet, you can now use on your feet for leg workouts like leg extensions, donkey kicks, hamstring curls and more. You can also use them for weighted pull-ups.

The Monkeyfeet fit dumbbells that have at least a 5″ handle with less than 1.45″ in diameter and not more than 160 lbs. Most dumbbells fit under this category. It fits shoes sizes up to US men's size 14 and can be used on either left or right foot. You can either purchase a single Monkeyfeet or buy a pair for a discount.

For a similar product that uses plates instead of dumbbells, check out Kensui's Ankr Max. They have a 200-lb weight limit compared to the Monkeybell's 160-lb limit and a bit cheaper. But the Ankr also has a cheaper version but it has a weight limit of 45 lbs. If you only have dumbbells and no plates, we suggest the Monkeyfeet. But if you have dumbbells that use plates, the Ankr Pro is probably the better option.

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