Minimalist V2 by Six Moon Designs: Crafted for Long-Distance Backpacking Adventures

Ultralight, Durable, Customizable, Spacious, Modern

Traveling across different continents, I've come across my fair share of backpacks. The essence of a perfect backpack is one that melds durability, weight, and function seamlessly, and the Six Moon Designs Minimalist V2 Ultralight Backpack seems to be a contender in this category.

Right off the bat, it speaks to me with its dedication to quality materials. The Challenge Sailcloth EPX 200 fabric it's crafted from is not only a testament to durability, being a triple layer of 210 denier fabric, but also a nod to the waterproof adventurers among us. The fact that it's abrasion-resistant suggests it can withstand the wear and tear of not just a weekend hike, but even a months-long thru-hike. However, take note that while the fabric itself is waterproof, the pack won't keep water out indefinitely. Investing in a 50L pack liner might just be the trick to ensuring your gear stays dry.

What excites me most about the Minimalist V2 is its thoughtful design upgrades based on user feedback. The deeper interior pockets, for instance, are an absolute boon. A secure space for your passport or wallet is essential whether you're crossing borders or simply crossing forests.

Weight is always a game of balance. Too light, and you might compromise on durability. Too heavy, and it's a burden on your trek. At 42.8 oz (1212 g), the Minimalist V2 strikes a good balance for its size. The removable Delrin Hoop Stay Frame seems like a clever addition. By transferring the load to the hip belt, it aims to ease the strain on your shoulders, which is a gift after long hours on the trail.

Speaking of comfort, the array of harness options — from the traditional Flight Shoulder Harness to the Flight Vest Harness — means you can customize the pack to match your physique and preferences. This adaptability, combined with the adjustable torso length, signifies a true commitment to user comfort.

In terms of storage, the Minimalist V2 doesn't skimp. Its main compartment holds 40L, but an extension collar offers an additional 9L. And for those quick-access essentials? The redesigned exterior pockets, from hip belt caverns to a rear shove-it sleeve, ensure everything has its place.

As for the aesthetics, the subtle shift from silk screening to a small woven label for the logo and pack name suggests a refined, modern edge. While design might seem like a secondary concern, there's a unique joy in sporting gear that not only functions well but also looks the part.

In conclusion, the Six Moon Designs Minimalist V2 Ultralight Backpack seems to be a genuine effort to elevate the backpacking experience. By integrating user feedback and employing top-notch materials, this backpack promises both comfort and durability. Whether you're a seasoned long-distance hiker or a weekend warrior, the Minimalist V2 is worth a glance.


  1. Quality Materials: Crafted from Challenge Sailcloth EPX 200 fabric, it offers abrasion-resistance and waterproofing, ensuring longevity.
  2. User Feedback Integration: The backpack incorporates suggestions from actual users, leading to a more functional and user-friendly design.
  3. Optimal Weight: Weighing in at 42.8 oz (1212 g), the Minimalist V2 offers a good balance between durability and weight.
  4. Load Distribution: The removable Delrin Hoop Stay Frame transfers the load to the hip belt, providing relief to the shoulders.
  5. Customizable Comfort: Multiple harness options and adjustable torso length allow users to adapt the pack to their personal comfort needs.
  6. Ample Storage: The main compartment, coupled with the extension collar and a variety of exterior pockets, offers significant storage solutions.
  7. Modern Aesthetics: With the shift from silk screening to a small woven label, the backpack showcases a contemporary and subtle look.


  1. Waterproof But Not Watertight: While the EPX 200 fabric is waterproof, the pack isn't watertight, which might necessitate an additional investment in a 50L pack liner.
  2. Potential Weight Discrepancy: Different configurations and material choices can lead to varying weights, which might be a concern for strict ultralight backpackers.
  3. Price: At $285, it might be considered a significant investment for some, especially casual hikers.


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