Bulldog Gear P60 Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar: Unleash Strength in Any Space!

Durable, Compact, Versatile, Weatherproof, Empowering

In the chaotic hustle and bustle of life, finding a corner of calm to strengthen both body and soul can be essential. The Bulldog Gear P60 Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar presents just such an oasis for those tight on space but hungry for progress. This isn't just another piece of exercise equipment; it's a gateway to empowerment.

Tucked into the corners of small home gym spaces, and even hanging out in gardens, the P60 offers a compact solution that doesn't compromise on functionality. It's the little hideaway spot you've been looking for, especially if you're contending with the challenges of a garage gym or any setup where every inch counts. And if you're battling low ceilings, this pull up bar becomes even more of a game changer. It gives you the flexibility to mount it at any height, a feature conventional rack mounted bars can't brag about.

Now, while aesthetics might not be your prime concern, there's something inherently rugged and inviting about the P60's design. The signature matte black powder coat, preceded by a zinc plating, isn't just for looks; it's a testament to its durability. Weather? Pssh. This pull up bar wears a ‘dual coat' with pride, making it equally at home inside or out. It's built to take on the elements, and as a testament to its toughness, it can handle a load capacity of up to 200KG.

Speaking of dimensions, it boasts a pull-up bar width of 104 cm, with a total span of 109 cm. It extends 63 cm away from the wall, while the length of the wall plate itself is 60 cm. And that bar diameter of 33.7mm? Just right for a comfortable, firm grip.

Now, a word to the wise: top quality wall fixings are included, but don’t wing it. Consult an independent builder to ensure it's mounted safely and effectively.

In essence, the Bulldog Gear P60 Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar isn't merely about pull-ups; it's about pulling oneself into a better place, physically and mentally, one rep at a time. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or someone looking to start their fitness journey, this tool beckons for a try. And believe me, the beauty lies not just in its design but in the potential it unlocks within you. Happy lifting!


  1. Space-Efficient Design: Perfect for small home gym spaces, gardens, and garages. Especially beneficial when contending with lower ceiling heights.
  2. Customizable Height: Offers the flexibility to mount the bar at any desired height, making it more versatile than some conventional setups.
  3. Durability and Weatherproofing: Comes with a ‘dual coat'—first zinc plated, then layered with a signature matte black powder coat. This ensures optimum protection and longevity against both indoor and outdoor elements.
  4. High Load Capacity: Can handle up to 200KG, catering to a wide range of users.
  5. Comfortable Grip: The pull-up bar diameter of 33.7mm is conducive for a firm and comfortable grip.
  6. Comprehensive Wall Fixings: The inclusion of top quality wall fixings enhances its value proposition.


  1. Professional Installation Recommended: Users need to seek advice from an independent builder for mounting, which might add to the overall cost and effort of setting it up.
  2. Limited Width: With a pull-up bar width of 104 cm, it might not be wide enough for those who prefer a wider grip or are looking to perform certain exercises that require more space.
  3. Price: At £114.95, some users might find it a bit on the pricier side, especially when compared to simpler models.
  4. Fixed Design: Unlike free-standing or door-mounted pull-up bars, once this is fixed to a location, it's relatively permanent, making relocation more cumbersome.
  5. Potential Wall Damage: Being wall-mounted, there's always a risk of damage to the wall, especially if not installed correctly.


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