Midgards Messer Nerthus Folder: Unleashing the Power of High-End Powdered Steel and Titanium

Durable, Safe, Customizable, Unique, High-quality

There's something almost primal about holding the Nerthus in your hand. This back lock folder is a marvel, a sculpture hewn from high-quality titanium and high-end powdered steel, the type that you'd expect to command a much steeper price. It's a utilitarian object d'art, ruggedly handsome and coolly unusual. The heft and the balance – just over 250 grams, give or take – feels substantial without being burdensome.

The dimensions of the Nerthus, with its blade stretching to 8.2 cm and its total length, fully unfurled, reaching 18.5 cm, hint at its character. Its 4.3 cm blade width and 6mm thickness betrays a sense of purpose, an intent to tackle the world, not just your everyday Amazon box.

Its dual-hand operation, in keeping with the 42a compliance, makes this knife even more fascinating. It's not the standard fare; it's a tad bit quirky, just like the kind of folks who'd appreciate such a tool.

The blade, made of CPM 154 powdered steel, is no ordinary piece of metal. It's got an inherent strength, a resiliency that's worthy of admiration. Plus, that big cleaver design with the added safety stop – it's something of a beauty and a beast all at once. The Fuller's presence lends it a certain aesthetic edge too, a reminder of the knife's primary purpose: cutting things, not just looking good.

Now, let's talk about this new security closing mechanism (N.S.C.M.). It’s a delightful touch, another testament to the meticulous design. The additional safety offered by the supplied bolt, allowing the blade to be screwed in the closed and open state, is quite the novel feature. While it might not be for everyone, I find it endearing, a nod to the inherent European essence of the knife.

The blue titanium inlay and matching clip on this standard model, however, are true show-stoppers. They pop against the metallic, offering a burst of vibrant colour. Yet, should you desire something different, the creators are open to customization, a prospect that's as exciting as it is enticing.

The canvas case that comes with the knife is basic but in the best possible way. It does the job and does it well. Velcro to keep everything in place, front patches for that added touch of personalization – it's thoughtful in its simplicity.

To hold this knife, to flip it open and feel it lock securely in place, is to appreciate an art form that's as old as humanity itself. In a world obsessed with the digital, the ephemeral, it's a tangible reminder of our inherent connection with the physical, a testament to the enduring appeal of expert craftsmanship.

The Nerthus doesn’t compete with other knives. It stands on its own, unique and proud, carving a niche for itself in the hearts and hands of the true aficionados. At roughly $350, this is an affordable luxury, a piece of functional art that you don’t just purchase; you invest in it. It is, in every way, a conversation piece – a testament to the time, thought, and artistry put into its creation. This is a knife that understands its user, that resonates with the connoisseur’s soul – a knife that isn't merely used, but loved.


  1. Unique Design: The Nerthus's distinctive big cleaver design and blue titanium inlay make it stand out from the crowd. Its quirky design elements, such as the Fuller and the back lock folder style, add to its aesthetic appeal.
  2. High-Quality Materials: The use of high-end powdered steel CPM 154 and high-quality titanium grip scales assures durability and long-lasting performance.
  3. New Security Closing Mechanism: The innovative N.S.C.M provides added safety and ensures the knife stays securely locked in both its open and closed states.
  4. Two Hand Operation: The knife's dual-hand operation, in compliance with 42a standards, increases safety and can be seen as an interesting feature for knife enthusiasts.
  5. Customization: The manufacturer offers further inlay customization options, allowing the knife to be personalized to the user's preferences.
  6. Solid Construction and Balance: Despite its heft (256g), the Nerthus offers a solid feel and good balance, making it comfortable to handle.
  7. Value for Money: For a price of around $350, you get a well-crafted knife made of high-quality materials, offering good value for your investment.


  1. Heavier than Average: Weighing 256g, the Nerthus is relatively heavy compared to some other pocket knives, which might make it less suitable for everyday carry.
  2. Complex Locking Mechanism: The N.S.C.M might be seen as complicated or unnecessary for some users, especially those who prefer simpler, traditional locking mechanisms.
  3. Less Convenient for One-Handed Use: Being a two-hand operation knife, it might be less convenient for tasks that require one-handed operation.
  4. Additional Safety Bolt Not Universally Useful: While the extra bolt to lock the blade in open and closed state is a novel safety feature, it may not be useful to everyone, particularly outside of Europe.
  5. Large Size: The overall size of the Nerthus, with a total length of 18.5 cm, might be seen as too large by some, particularly those seeking a more compact pocket knife.


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