MGI Ai Navigator GPS+: Conquer Any Terrain with Patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker Technology

GPS-Enhanced, High-Tech, Remote-Controlled Golf Caddy

Weaving your way through life's adventures can be a challenge, but when you hit the greens, the MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ steps up to make sure that every shot counts. It's like having a personal caddy, course guide, and state-of-the-art tech expert all rolled into one sleek, compact package.

The brilliance of this device is that it not only carries your clubs but is also equipped with an integrated GPS system. It breathes life into a high-resolution 4″ full-color all-weather touchscreen, offering you a glimpse into over 40,000 golf courses worldwide. It's like having a whole atlas of golf at your fingertips, ready to accompany you on your next hole-in-one pursuit.

And what's more, it comes armed with the interactive MGI App. The App is more than just your basic digital tool; it’s like your personal golf whisperer, holding your hand through the maze of the course and providing accurate distances to every corner of the green. This is a great way to stay connected without losing focus on your swing.

One of the standout features for me has to be MGI's globally renowned fully directional handheld remote control. Imagine having the power to navigate your caddy from over 110 yards away while taking a leisurely stroll across the course. This is walking at your own pace, liberated from lugging your clubs and free to soak in the fresh air, courtesy of MGI’s patented gyroscope straight tracker technology.

Moreover, the MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ is an embodiment of practical design and user convenience. I especially appreciate the Topbox feature, which lets you change the speed control to match your stride. And the Manual mode, where you can have the old school charm of walking behind the caddy like a traditional pushcart, is a fantastic feature for those who enjoy mixing the classic with the cutting-edge.

As an added perk, the Ai Navigator GPS+ also serves as a personal assistant of sorts, relaying alerts to your SMS, emails, and incoming calls right onto your device screen. The inclusion of a USB charging port and an adjustable ergonomic T-bar handle and bag support just shows how every detail has been meticulously thought through.

When the day is done, its Zip fold feature ensures it can be packed away swiftly and neatly, ready for your next round. With a five-wheel design, advanced Click & Go Lithium battery system, and quick-release rear wheels with All Terrain tread, this navigator is designed to conquer any landscape, any time.

The price tag may seem a tad steep at first glance, but considering the hefty package of functionality and convenience it brings to the table, it becomes an investment in your game. Plus, the complimentary drink bottle holder, umbrella holder, and phone holder make it even more of a bargain. A robust 3-year warranty is just the cherry on top.

So, if you're someone who loves being active, adores the greens, and appreciates a blend of technology and design, then the MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ might just be your perfect golf partner. Hit the course, breathe in the fresh air, and let this GPS-enabled caddy take care of the rest.


1. Comprehensive GPS System: The integrated GPS system can connect you to over 40,000 golf courses worldwide, giving you a wealth of data at your fingertips.

2. Interactive MGI App: This feature enhances your golfing experience by providing maps, scoring, and a handheld device that can be taken anywhere on the course.

3. Fully Directional Handheld Remote Control: This renowned MGI feature allows you to control the Navigator from over 110 yards away, making your golfing experience more convenient and enjoyable.

4. Patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker Technology: This technology keeps the caddy on track across any terrain, providing consistent performance.

5. Ergonomic and User-Friendly Design: The adjustable ergonomic T-bar handle and bag support, USB charging port, and the five-wheel design make it easy to use and navigate.

6. Bonus Accessories and Warranty: The inclusion of a drink bottle holder, umbrella holder, and phone holder, along with a robust 3-year warranty, offers added value.


1. High Price Point: The MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ is priced at $1895, which may be considered steep by some potential buyers.

2. MGI App Not Yet Available on Android: Currently, the MGI App is only available for iOS, limiting the accessibility for Android users.

3. Weight: Weighing 33.28lbs without battery and 39lbs with battery, the device may be somewhat heavy for some users, especially in manual mode.

4. Limited Use Without Battery: The manual mode allows traditional pushcart use, but without a battery, you lose the benefits of the GPS system and remote control.

5. Size When Folded: Even though it's designed for easy folding, its dimensions when folded (24.4′ x 18.1′ x 15.3′ inches) may still pose storage challenges in some situations.

Given these factors, the MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ stands out as a feature-packed device that enhances the golfing experience with a few caveats. Potential buyers should carefully consider their needs, preferences, and budget when deciding whether to purchase it.


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