Matador Beast28 Ultralight Technical Backpack: Light Yet Ferocious for All Your Outdoor Pursuits

Agile, durable, ultralight adventure companion

There's a certain appeal to raw, unapologetic function, and the Matador Beast28 Ultralight Technical Backpack delivers exactly that – function with a dash of style. The name ‘Beast' might make you anticipate something savage and relentless, but the pack is actually a thoughtful, well-orchestrated blend of practicality and elegance. This beast is indeed tamed, but it's by no means domesticated.

Weighing in at just 1lb 8oz, this nimble contraption cleverly defies the law of ‘lightweight equals less durability'. Its body is composed of 210D Robic® high tenacity nylon, imbued with UTS and PU coatings to improve waterproofing and tear strength by 30%. A light drizzle, a heavy downpour or an accidental brush against a sharp rock – this pack is ready to take it all on its stride.

This 28-liter capacity chameleon possesses a stainless hoop frame that, in a remarkable act of engineering wizardry, moves with your body, keeping you agile and comfortable as you scamper across rough terrains or crawl through tight spaces. Pair that with a removable hip belt, sternum strap, and padded breathable mesh shoulder straps, the Beast28 ensures that your shoulders are relieved of unnecessary strain, distributing the weight evenly across your torso.

This bag is also hydration compatible, ready to house your life-source during those strenuous trail explorations. Its water bottle pockets can snugly fit even large-sized Nalgene bottles and 1-liter counterparts, meaning you won't find yourself parched on a long-distance hike.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room – the impressive packing ability. The Beast28, as though embodying a spirit animal, has mastered the art of transformation. The flexible frame allows it to twist and fold into the included compression sack. Just think about it – a 22-inch high backpack transforming itself into a 9-inch cube for travel convenience! Truly remarkable.

In terms of storage, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more organized trail companion. The wrap-around zipper on the main compartment, two internal pockets, a key loop for securing small items, and gear loops for hiking poles or ice axes, all come together to form a symphony of space management. It even has a padded slot for a 14″ laptop or tablet, a feature that digital nomads and weekend warriors alike will appreciate.

The Beast28 Ultralight Technical Backpack is a testament to Matador's commitment to quality. You're not just purchasing a bag, but investing in a reliable, multifaceted companion, a fact reinforced by the product's 3-year warranty.

Overall, this backpack is a rare breed – an amalgamation of rugged durability, nimble flexibility, and thoughtful features. Whether you're an ambitious alpinist or a casual hiker, this pack is set to elevate your outdoor pursuits to the next level. I'd say it's worth every penny of the $150 price tag. It's not merely a backpack, but an invitation to embrace the wilderness with confidence. So, are you ready to unleash the beast?


  1. Lightweight and Durable: The Beast28 is extremely light, making it ideal for long-distance carry. Despite its light weight, it doesn't compromise on durability thanks to the Robic high tenacity nylon material.
  2. Hydration Compatibility: The backpack is designed to accommodate hydration systems, an essential feature for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  3. Flexible Frame: The flexible frame adjusts with your body movement, which increases the comfort level during technical outdoor pursuits.
  4. Storage and Organization: With its various compartments, loops, and pockets, the Beast28 offers impressive storage and organization for its size.
  5. Packability: The ability to pack this backpack into a compact size using the included compression sack makes it an ideal choice for those who travel often.
  6. Warranty: The 3-year warranty offered by Matador adds peace of mind to your purchase.


  1. Limited Waterproofing: While made from waterproof materials, the Beast28 is only capable of withstanding light or short rain. For heavy rainfall, you might need additional waterproofing measures.
  2. Cost: With a price tag of $150, it may be a bit steep for some consumers, especially those on a tight budget.
  3. Limited Laptop Compatibility: The Beast28 can only fit up to a 14″ laptop, which might be a constraint for those who travel with larger laptops.
  4. Removable Hip Belt: While some may see the removable hip belt as a pro, others may find it inconvenient, especially if it is frequently detached and reattached.
  5. Size Variance: With only an 18L and 28L variant, those requiring a more specifically sized pack may find their options limited.


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